700 Years BC – The Christmas Story Part 3

INTRO: This poem is based on the prophecy found in Isaiah chapter 9 verses 1-7 which is dated about 700 years before the birth of Jesus Christ. This prophecy was made by the eighth century BC Israelite prophet, Isaiah. In this passage, Isaiah prophesied the future birth of the Saviour of the world. The name Isaiah means ‘God Is Salvation.’ The book of Isaiah bears his name. He was a prophet during the reign of kings Uzziah, Jotham, Ahaz and Hezekiah between 759-697 BC. He also warned the kings of pending doom unless they ruled as faithful kings to God. Isaiah was married with two sons. The Book of Isaiah is quoted many times in the New Testament following the birth, life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ, confirming the fulfilment of these same events.


I chose this Featured Image of binoculars looking toward the future (horizon). Can you see the cross that I inserted in the sunset? The writing on the binoculars reads ‘turn to clear vision’. I thought, how appropriate! We turn toward Jesus, God’s Son, and put our faith in what He has done for us, for Jesus is the light of the world, warming our hearts with hope.

Throughout the last 2000+ years of history, Christians have had a clear vision of hope for the future, thanks to the privilege of having God’s Word the Bible to read and understand. Many people still do not have the privilege of having the Bible in their mother tongue language. Let us pray that with today’s technology, this goal can soon be achieved.

This poem is Part 3 of 8 parts to the poetic script that follows the Christmas Story from the very beginning to end. I will be publishing one of the Christmas poems each week leading up to Christmas week. I wrote this Christmas script for a Christmas Service that we held at the local church, that I was attending at the time, in 2019. In between each poem, being recited by a small group of children and adults, we sang Christmas songs as a singing group, and the whole congregation sang Christmas Carols relevant to that part of the story.

PODCAST – The story behind the poem 700BC The Christmas Story

PODCAST – 700 Years BC – The Christmas Story

700 years before Jesus was born

A godly man told God’s people of old

“A virgin will give birth to a son

They will call him Immanuel”.

Immanuel means God with Us

God’s only beloved Son Jesus Christ

Will one day come to live among us

He will heal the sick, rescue the oppressed.

He will suffer and die to pay the price of sin

And satisfy God’s holy justice

Then He will rise back to life again

To make the way to God’s new garden.

He will conquer sin and death

And sit again at God’s right hand

King of all kings, the Prince of Peace

To reign forever in righteousness.

Down through the ages

God’s people wait and pray

For the long-awaited Saviour

Not knowing the day or hour.

Beverley Joy © 2019 of Simply Story Poetry. All rights Reserved.

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You can listen to all my poems on several podcast platforms here

Reference: Bible verses – Matthew 1:23, Isaiah 9:1-7, Revelation22:2

Matthew Henry’s Commentary of the Whole Bible 1960 Marshall, Morgan & Scott

The Zondervan NASB Study Bible 1999 Zondervan Michigan U.S.A.

Photo by Matt Noble on Unsplash

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