Joseph – The Christmas Story Part 6

INTRO: Mary has told Joseph that she is pregnant. What would Joseph do now? Was Mary telling him the truth? While Joseph was trying to decide how to handle this serious challenge that had arisen between himself and Mary, God sent His angel to explain the situation to Joseph in a dream. You can read his story in Matthew Chapter 1 verses 18 to 25. 

This poem is Part 6 of 8 parts to the poetic script that follows the Christmas Story from the very beginning to end. I have been publishing one of the Christmas poems each week leading up to Christmas week. Beverley Joy

PODCAST – Joseph – The Christmas Story Part 6

Joseph, Mary’s fiancé, was a godly man

Who loved and respected Mary,

Was confused and distressed, what would he do?

Was Mary telling the truth?

He planned to divorce her privately

And not have her stoned to death

Which was the custom of their race

For women, adulterous or pregnant unwed.

But an angel of God spoke to him in a dream

Saying, “Do not be afraid to marry dear Mary

For the Child who has been conceived in her

Is a miracle by God’s Holy Spirit. 

He obeyed God’s angel and married her

And saved Mary from public disgrace

But they did not sleep together

Until after the birth of the babe.

Down through the ages

God’s people had waited and prayed

For the long-awaited Saviour

Soon to be born into the family of God’s favour.

To be continued…

Beverley Joy © 2019 of Simply Story Poetry. All Rights Reserved.

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Reference: The Virgin Birth Matthew 1:18-25, 22/01/1978, John MacArthur, Grace to You

Matthew 1:18-25, The Zondervan NASB Study Bible 1999 Zondervan Michigan U.S.A.

Photo by Nik Shuliahin on Unsplash

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