A Few Faithful Women – The Easter Story Part 1

INTRO: This Easter weekend we remember what Jesus did out of love for God, His Father and for us, God’s creation. This Christian poem is Part one of two Easter poems. It tells the story of the few faithful women, including Mary Magdalene, who cooked, helped, and supported Jesus as He travelled through townships and villages preaching and healing and teaching His disciples. They were faithful right to the end of His life. The poem is told through the eyes of these few faithful women – what they saw, heard, and felt during the last few days of Jesus’ life. Beverley Joy.

PODCAST A Few Faithful Women

Mary grew up in thriving Magdala

A town on the banks of the Sea of Galilee

But Mary Magdalene did not thrive in life

For demons controlled her mind.

Living in a nightmare of mental illness

Haunted by evil monsters and villains

That chased her away from life’s simple pleasures

Into dark valleys of misery and torture.

Jesus looked through her with knowing eyes

‘Mary’ He said neither afraid nor repulsed

“Leave her.” He commanded the demonic spirit

There she stood with her Saviour in her right mind.

Now at peace, like the troubled sea, Jesus once calmed

Her nightmare was finished, her new life had begun

She devoted her life to whom she owned so much

In deep gratitude for God’s mercy and love.

Mary Magdalene witnessed and listened

Stirred and surprised by Jesus’ teaching and healing

Now surrounded by friends who loved and cared

Pure joy to a woman unaccustomed to joy.

Mary followed with His disciples and other women

Who had also been cured of evil spirits and diseases

The women lived, served, and supported them

As Jesus travelled through townships preaching and healing.

Mary and the women served Jesus to the end

Along His final journey to Jerusalem

Crowds no longer gathered to listen to Him

Close friends and disciples had deserted him.

Mary saw religious men thirsty for His blood

She listened as Pilate pronounced His death sentence

She felt angry at the injustice of an innocent man

She wept to see Him tortured by the soldiers of Rome.

She watched Him fall under the weight of His cross

His flesh stripped from his back from the cruel beating

As Jesus struggled to climb the hill to death

Mary watched helplessly as her Saviour bleed.

Mary stood near the cross with the other women

They heard the hammering of nails through his flesh

They watched as Jesus shunned the pain relief drink

And the soldiers laughed and gambled for his cloak.

These women who loved him listened and cried

As the religious men and people passing by

Shouted abuse and mocked “Look at you now!”

“You saved others, but you can’t save yourself.”

They listened in disgust as the criminals beside Him

Joined in the ridicule of him; except one

Who begged Him for mercy and through pain, Jesus said

“Today I will see you in paradise.”

For three hours darkness fell across the land

The crowds thinned out, yet the women stayed

Then Jesus cried out in agony to God

They listened, helpless to relieve His pain.

Mary, and the other faithful women

Listened to Jesus forgive His enemies

Then cried “It is finished” and bowed His head

Then Jesus cried out and breathed his last breath.

The earth shook and the rocks split apart

The women cried their final goodbye

The soldiers, who once mocked were now terrified

Confessing “He truly was the Son of God!”

They had humbly followed Jesus

Serving selflessly behind the scenes

Right to the end under suffering and tears

With persistence and faithfulness.

The faithful women still standing by

Watched the soldiers crimple the two criminals

But even though Jesus was already dead

A soldier speared Him through His side.

Mary Magdalene, and a few of the women

Approached two unknown followers of Jesus

Who took His bloodied body down from the cross

And wrapped it in ceremonial spices and cloth.

His burial procession involved only a few

Loyal and brave followers, largely unknown

No fanfare, no crowds, no chosen ones

Two men and two Mary’s served Jesus to the end.

The place of crucifix was close to a garden

Where there was a new tomb carved out of a rock

The two men lay His body there and sealed it with stone

The two Marys watched in silence across from the tomb. 

The women left and bought spices and ointments

Then they went home and prepared to anoint Him

As evening fell, they planned to return on Sunday morn

To complete the anointing and say their final farewell.

To be continued…

Simply Story Poetry © All rights Reserved

References: Power and Passion Six characters in search of resurrection © 2007 Samuel Wells. Zondervan, Grand Rapids, Michigan

Women of the Bible 2007 Ann Spangler and Jean E. Syswerda, Zondervan

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Bible references: Matthew 27:27-61, Mark 15:15-16:1, Luke 8:1-3, Luke 23:55-56, John 19:16-42,

Image by falco from Pixabay

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