The Best Gift to Give is You


As we enter into this year’s busy time of shopping for just the perfect gifts for our friends and family, remember, as well as giving physical gifts this Christmas, there are many gifts that we can give that are free to give and yet priceless in value. Time is one of those free but valuable gifts we can give. Ah yes, but the saying says ‘Money is time.’ But is money the only way we can receive ‘payment’ for how we spend our time? Do we always have to receive ‘payment’ for our time? Oh, the deep joy and satisfaction that I receive from giving time to my 92-year-old father, now living in a retirement home. 

This Featured Image shows the person sharing time. We can waste time with people, or we can give the gift of quality time, which requires skill. Quality time is only one of many skills and talents that we can share with others. Being willing to sit still with someone and show interest by actively listening to them. This is such a rare gift that not many people give. We can get so busy running around buying physical gifts that we forget to give the simple yet valuable gift of time. Beverley Joy.

AUDIO – The Best Gift to Give is You

Give away that which you have plenty of

To others who are devoid of

To those in desperate need of

For you are the best gift you can offer.

If you have good health and strength

Love, joy, peace, and patience,

If you delight to encourage

Share these qualities with others.

Share your talent and experience

Don’t hide them deep within

Learn the skills you need to know

To share your gifts with the world.

If you write, if you paint, if you sing

Then share a story through your gift

If you love to serve and help others

Then serve with a gracious attitude.

An unwritten book, a painting half-finished,

A song unsung and a cake unbaked,

Serving hands tied behind your back

Are of no value to anyone, nor even yourself.

To share our gifts will take time and effort,

Courage, focus and discipline

God gives us talents we must develop

And share with those waiting to receive.

Beverley Joy © 2021 of Simply Story Poetry. All Rights Reserved.

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Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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