Far Away for Christmas

INTRO: Many families and friends are separated at this special time of the year. Whether they are spread from one end of the planet to the other, or maybe separated due to illness, or lack of money to travel the distance. Whatever the reason, we must enjoy Christmas Day the best way we can when our family cannot get together for Christmas Day.

I chose this Featured Image partly because of what is written on her coffee mug – ‘Make today awesome.’ To me, this image expresses the message of this poem which is both her longing to be elsewhere and not alone, yet also her acceptance of the situation she currently finds herself in and that she will enjoy the day as best she can. Thank you for listening to my poem. Beverley Joy

AUDIO – Far Away for Christmas

It was Christmas away from home

Hot and humid as we drove to church

For the Christmas Day morning service

To celebrate the story of Christmas.

My daughter lived with me, so I wasn’t alone

Once we got home, we prepped for lunch

We played carols to build the Christmas spirit

And opened the few gifts that were under the tree.

We called family members who lived far away

And chatted with them throughout the day

It felt strange, not being all together in one place

Our family split over a long distance.

We embraced our quiet solitude

Reflecting on our busy year

Moving away from our home city

Finding work and studying.

We spent Christmas Day in our new place

Work commitments over the following days

Kept us from flying or driving away

So, we enjoyed a simple Christmas lunch.

We ate leftovers with some family and friends

In the cool of the late afternoon

And reminisced over past Christmas days

Hoping next year, we could travel to be with our family again.

Beverley Joy © 2019 of Simply Story Poetry. All Rights Reserved.

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Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

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