Love is Living Art


The experience of falling in love, whether it is young love or falling in love as a mature aged man or woman, there are many similarities. Although I wrote this poem as a mature-aged woman, who was falling in love again, publishing it today took me back to the days when I fell in love as a young woman. The curiosity and excitement of meeting someone, and then over time, getting to know that person intimately. Although at present I am single, I look forward to the day that I fall in love again. A decade after the death of my mother, my dad fell head over heels in love and married at 75 years of age, married a beautiful woman both physically and spiritually and they have since enjoyed decades of loving and caring for each other.

Life is too short to not embrace love in its fullness. It is never too late to fall in love again. Beverley Joy.

Audio – Love is Living Art

My Love, I adore you

My body and mind are consumed

With a desire to know you

And with confidence say ‘I get you.’

I’m fascinated by how your mind ‘ticks’

And how you calculate solutions

Explore possibilities

Live out life’s happenings.

You challenge mediocrity

Not prepared to accept the norm

You swim upstream for an experience

Just because you can!

From a healthy mindset

You ruffle my feathers

Unsettle old-school thoughts

Of shoulds and shouldn’t.

I melt into your embrace

Into our love for each other

Which penetrates and excites

Every part of my body and mind.

Totally committed to ‘us’

We trust, we fall in love

For cupid’s arrow has pieced our hearts.

Our love is living art

Created by both of us

Our original, colourful

Textured love story.

Our love will inspire, challenge,

Encourage us to step beyond

Our known world, our comfort zone.

Our love shall blossom

To full expression

Of who we are

And who we shall become.

Beverley Joy of Simply Story Poetry © 2015. All Rights Reserved.

Image by Oleg Gamulinskii from Pixabay

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