Falling in Love Again


Grace and Darren continue to grow in their love for each other. Darren is over the moon in love with her, but Grace steps carefully forward. She still doesn’t trust herself enough to relax fully into the circle of love with him. She knows it will take time and there is no rush. She is like a fresh tender stem breaking through the soil, hardened by past hurt, into the sunshine and fresh air of love. Grace is patient, she understands that soon she will blossom into full-bloom love. Beverley Joy

Audio – Falling in love again

I hesitate to say “I love you”
For fear, I will fall into you
Disappear, suffocate and lose myself.

I would love you completely
Thinking of your every need
And wanting them fulfilled
Yet, I fear I will neglect my needs.

When I have loved before
It was a total commitment
All consuming, passionately caring.

I want to open, to you, my heart
Be vulnerable and explore our love
Promising to meet both our needs
Supporting each other’s goals and dreams.

Respecting and protecting
Our personal boundaries
When yes means yes
And no means no.

Respecting and protecting
Each our weaknesses
When we wound each other
Would we recover?

I want to dive into your river of love
And be engulfed by your strong arms
Submerged in your love for me
Flowing through life harmoniously.

But I feel the scares upon my heart
Reminding me of my past
Yet, if I let go and let love flow
The hurt will fade and our love will grow.

Beverley Joy of Simply Story Poetry © 2013. All Rights Reserved.

Image by 0fjd125gk87 from Pixabay

Falling in Love Again Celine Dion

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