Risk to Love Again

Intro: To love or not to fall in love again? Should Grace risk falling in love again?

The story of Grace continues…These questions churned over in her mind. It had been two years since her marriage had broken down with Darren. She felt safe being single and on her own. To fall in love again would mean becoming vulnerable. But she wanted more than just to feel safe. She wanted to love someone and be loved in return. But was she ready? Was she wise enough to make a good choice this time? This poem explores the decision of whether to fall in love again following the breakdown of a previous relationship. Beverley Joy.

Poem audio – Risk to love again

Why did I allow it, so subtle so sly.
Why did I accept it, attract him into my life?

All I wanted was to love and in return be gently loved.
Why did life have to be so cruel?

The embarrassment of making a wrong choice and allowing abuse into my life
Not seeing their flaws, ignoring the warnings.

I like to smell roses, laugh and sing and dance gently through each day
I’m thoughtful, I pray, so why did he treat me that way?

I don’t want to harm, yet I am harmed
I encourage and support, yet I’m left standing alone.

Am I such a bad person that I don’t deserve
To receive gentle love in return?

Do I take the risk to love again, to trust another
To be vulnerable and open to the words that are spoken?

Can I believe that his words are spoken in truth
For a happy future together with no hidden agenda.

I’ve heard it all before, promises made and broken
But just maybe – this time, Oh, how can I be sure?

What signs are there for me to believe him?
Do his actions speak truth?
Only time will tell, I’m sure.

It was cruel and wrong, the way I was treated
A gentleman would not treat a lady that way.

It’s not love to only take what you want
To meet your own needs and not consider the other.

It’s not love to want everything your way
To bully and threaten to confuse and belittle.

Should I make the leap and risk loving again?
The wounds of my heart are bleeding still
Weeping and longing to be healed.

I must be more careful with whom I choose
Examine his actions and the words spoken
Get advice and help, think it through
Be wise to decide my next best move.

Yet, life offers only one way for wounds to be healed and the pain to fade
And that is to let true love come my way and risk to love again.

Beverley Joy of Simply Story Poetry © 2012. All Rights Reserved.

Image by Alexa from Pixabay

Falling in Love Again – Celine Dion

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