Weathered Love

Intro: Grace and Darren were struggling to keep their marriage together.

They could not recover from the financial losses they had experienced a few years earlier. Darren had fallen into a deep depression. Grace didn’t want to stay in a marriage that was dead, but neither did she want to leave a ten-year marriage. They kept trying to fix what had broken in their relationship. Beverley Joy

Poem Audio – Weathered Love

Life attacked them
Punched and bruised them
Stole their possessions
Shredded their hearts.

They tried to recover
And gain back lost ground
Their age and health
Worked both for and against.

“What fools they are.”
Some people would say
“Why don’t they give up
And go their separate ways?”

But despite the critics
And scratching of heads
They continued to hope
Their love was not lost.

What is it? What magic ingredient is keeping them as one?
Stupidity, ignorance, true love?
Or were they just too frightened to move on?

Beverley Joy of Simply Story Poetry © 2013. All Rights Reserved

Image by Dimitris Vetsikas from Pixabay

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