Thank You

INTRO: This month I celebrate one year of posting two poems each week. So, I send a huge thank you to all my readers and listeners. Your support is greatly appreciated and encourages me to keep going. Most of the poems I published in 2021, were poems that I had written over the past 10... Continue Reading →

The Black Rose Garden

Facing unwarranted criticism.

Stop Wasting Time and Get on with It

Over 50s stop procastrinating and focus on achieving life goals before it's too late in life.

It’s Simply the Way It Is

INTRO: This is one of three poems that I wrote when I first started thinking about sharing my poetry. I wrote this poem 7 years before I started sharing my poetry. I wrote it while I was living a quite simple lifestyle, travelling around Australia in a motorhome (I lived in a motorhome for four... Continue Reading →

A Puzzling Picture

INTRO: I started writing poetry in 2011 while travelling around Australia in a motorhome. I wrote this poem while in Western Australia, reflecting on my struggle to accept the gift I had of writing poetry. Back then, I thought it was an interesting but frivolous gift. What good could become of it? when I told... Continue Reading →

Just a play on words

I Simply write a Story into Poetry Hi I'm Beverley Joy of Simply Story Poetry ABOUT SIMPLY STORY POETRY Visit my SHOP where you can browse or BUY my poems and verses

Spotify It

Please Spotify My Profile. From 'My Funny Blog Journey' poem Beverley Joy of Simply Story Poetry. You can BUY my poems and verses at Image by Melanie Thomas from Pixabay

Post It

I post for 'instagramification' A line from my poem Read or listen to the full poem My Funny Blog Journey Beverley Joy of Simply Story Poetry Photo by Noelle Otto from Pexels

My Garden of Poems

This photo is of a friend's garden in Devonport, Tasmania, Australia PODCAST - My Garden of Poems Come on a journey with me Walkthrough my garden of poetry Enjoy the fragrant blossoms of hope As you wander along the pathway of poems. Sit under the shade of the leafy scenes That develops as you engage... Continue Reading →

What a Blog of a Journey

I wrote this poem in 2018 after my first attempt at setting up my WordPress website. I found these new words and lingo (well, new to me back then) amusing and interesting to write and play with the words. Beverley Joy PODCAST - What a Blog of a Journey My WordPress journey continues I must... Continue Reading →

Simply Story Poetry

PODCAST - Simply Story Poetry I perceive your curiosity About Simply Story Poetry As a wordsmith I compose Verse, thoughts, taglines, and poems. I write poems of two different kinds My Christian Faith and general life. I study my Faith and share what I find Bible stories and verses I clarify My general life poems... Continue Reading →

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