A Prayer for These Troubled Times

INTRO: In response to the current flooding weather disaster that has hit my home city of Brisbane and Southeast Queensland and New South Wales this past week and the war in Ukraine, I have recorded prayers from The Anglican Church of Australia A Prayer Book for Australia. I have not been personally impacted by the... Continue Reading →

Once I Was Blind, But Now I See

INTRO: This Christian devotional poem is inspired by the Bible story, in John chapter 9, of the blind man who was healed by Jesus. When the man returned from following Jesus' instructions to wash, the people who saw him asked him in amazement about his healing. They took him to the Jewish temple to show... Continue Reading →

God says ‘Leave Them With Me’

INTRO: I wrote this Christian devotional poem this week in response to conversations I had this week with some dear sisters in Christ. The time frame of this poem covers decades of my own life of being strongly challenged (disciplined) by God to trust Him with my unsaved family members and friends. This poem is... Continue Reading →

Walking with Our Heavenly Father

This Christian poem compares our spiritual walk through our life as a child of God, to a physical walk of a child with a father. Beverley Joy PODCAST - Walking with Our Heavenly Father When we learn to walk, as infant babes Our instincts teach us to stay away From obstacles that trip and bump... Continue Reading →

The Stranger Within Her

I know my story resonates with many women who have journeyed through difficult abusive relationships. PODCAST - The Stranger Within Her Who is this? Controlled, restrained, suppressed In her relationships Living a life that wasn’t her own A stranger to herself. "Don’t make waves Don’t ask for help Do as you’re told Don’t complain." "You... Continue Reading →

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