Quick, Save The Saviour

This poem is about the events that followed the visit of the Wise Men, or Magi, to Joseph, Mary and the child King, Jesus. You can read the story in Matthew chapter 2 verses 13 to 23. The ruler of that region, King Herod, who was known to murder anyone he thought was a threat... Continue Reading →

Create, Share, Repeat

Welcome to my new series titled Simply Create To Share, which will consist of weekly articles where I will be sharing the journey of my creativity, which is writing poetry. This year I am venturing into non-fiction writing in which I will be covering topics like what books, songs and creative people motivated and directed... Continue Reading →

A Puzzling Picture

I started writing poetry in 2011 while travelling around Australia in a motorhome. I wrote this poem while travelling through Western Australia, reflecting on my struggle to accept the gift I had of writing poetry. Back then, I thought it was an interesting but frivolous gift. What good could become of it? when I told... Continue Reading →

Gifts Fit For A King

Would Jesus the future Jewish king rise to challenge Herod's rule? I have kept this episode of the Christmas Story until now as it is uncertain exactly when the Wise Men, or Magi, visited Jesus, but it certainly wasn't at the same time as when the shepherds visited him, at his birth in the animal... Continue Reading →

A Poetic Kick Into 2022

It is summertime here in Australia, hot and humid in my hometime of Brisbane Queensland. I have been off the air for a month as I spent the week before Christmas Day packing up and moving to a new address, then I made a snap decision to travel north to Yeppoon in Central Queensland for... Continue Reading →

Together For Christmas

I wrote this poem in 2018, the last time my family enjoyed Christmas lunch all together in one place. I added the final verse this week. Even when the best plans are put in place, Christmas Day can present challenges getting the family together or getting along with everyone who has been invited. We want... Continue Reading →

The Saviour is Born – The Christmas Story Part 7

After waiting many 1000 years and as prophecied in Genesis 3 verse 15 finally, the Saviour of the world is born, the King of all kings is born without any human royal celebration. Yet, far off in the fields outside of the town of Bethlehem, an army of angels appear to a small group of... Continue Reading →

Far Away For Christmas

The past two Christmas' of 2020 and 2021, has seen many families and friends separated at this special time of the year. We just have to enjoy Christmas Day the best way we can when our family cannot get together for Christmas Day. I wrote this poem about my Christmas Day in 2019. I chose... Continue Reading →

Joseph – The Christmas Story Part 6

Mary has told Joseph that she is pregnant. What would Joseph do now? Was Mary telling him the truth? While Joseph was trying to decide how to handle this serious challenge that had arisen between himself and Mary, God sent His angel to explain the situation to Joseph in a dream. You can read his... Continue Reading →

A Hug is Priceless

As we soon will be entering into the Christmas time of giving, I have re-recorded this poem which was one of the first poems I published on my new podcast back in April 2021. I recorded it at the beginning of the Covid 19 lockdown in my home town of Australia when hugs were not... Continue Reading →

Mary and Elizabeth – The Christmas Story Part 5

What would Joseph think of her? What would her family and community say? This is the story of Mary's visit to stay with her cousin Elizabeth and telling Joseph what the angel had told her. This poem looks at Mary's reaction to receiving this wonderful yet life-changing news from God's angel. How could Mary, engaged... Continue Reading →

The Best Gift is You

The other day I was taking some belonging I didn't want any longer to the second-hand store when I thought of this concept of giving away non-physical gifts. As we enter into this year's time of giving, remember, as well as giving physical gifts this Christmas, there are many gifts that we can give that... Continue Reading →

Mary – The Christmas Story Part 4

This poem, which I wrote in 2019, zooms in on the momentous, yet private moment in history when Mary was visited by God's angel and told of her imminent pregnancy of Jesus, the son of God. Her story is found in Luke Chapter 1 verses 26-38. Finally, the prophecy was to be fulfilled many thousands... Continue Reading →

Footprints of Love

I wrote the last verse for my brother and his wife's 35 wedding anniversary. They live in a beautiful seaside town, which inspired the theme of this poem. I have added two verses to explain the inspiration of the poem. They are the family members that live 800km away from me that I wrote about... Continue Reading →

700 Years BC – The Christmas Story Part 3

This poem is based on the prophecy found in Isaiah chapter 9 verses 1-7 which is dated about 700 years before the birth of Jesus Christ. This prophecy was made by the 8th century BC Israelite prophet, Isaiah. In this passage, Isaiah prophesied the future birth of the Saviour of the world. The name Isaiah... Continue Reading →

Tell the Truth to Each Other

Who was I to believe? How was I going to solve this dilemma? I loved both of them dearly. I wrote this poem at a time when I had two family members telling me two different stories of the same event, both sides vowing they were telling the truth. I had to be the judge... Continue Reading →

Four Unusual Women – The Christmas Story Part 2

It seems unusual for God to have chosen these women to be included in the ancestry of the future Saviour of the world. This poem is based on Matthew Chapter 1 verses 3-6 in which four women are mentioned in the genealogy of Jesus. It is a brief overview of these women who had troubled... Continue Reading →

Distant Family and Friends

I wrote this poem while recalling memories of times spent with my brother and his wife and family who live 800kms north of my home town of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. They come down to visit family and friends a few times a year. Every year I wish I had the money and time to go... Continue Reading →

The Christmas Story in the Garden of Eden

This poem is Part 1 of 8 parts to the poetic script that follows the Christmas Story from the very beginning to end. I wrote this Christmas script for a Christmas Service that we held at the local church, that I was attending at the time, in 2019. In between each poem, being recited by... Continue Reading →

The Warrior Within

The warrior in us awakens To rise to certain occasions Though timid we will stand To protect when in danger we detect. A verse from my poem 'Archetypes of Life' Beverley Joy of Simply Story Poetry You can BUY my poems and verses at beverleyjoy.redbubble.com Click on image

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