Who is This Man Jesus?

Curious, she is drawn to Him "Who is this man, I want to know I've heard of Him, I must learn more." A verse from my Christian poem 'It Takes Two to Tango'. Beverley Joy of Simply Story Poetry

Dripping with Grace

His words dripped with grace Washing away her shame Filling her heart with true love Not the foolish love she had known. A verse from my poem 'It Takes Two to Tango.' Beverley Joy of Simply Story Poetry

It Takes Two to Tango

INTRO: This Christian poem is based on the Bible Story of The Adulterous Woman. John 8:1-11. I titled this poem 'It Takes Two To Tango' to highlight the scheme of the religious leaders to trap Jesus, but they overlooked a crucial element of the Mosaic Law, found in Leviticus Chapter 20, which they were referring... Continue Reading →

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