The Best Gift is You

INTRO: The other day I was taking some belonging I didn't want any longer to the second-hand store when I thought of the concept of giving away non-physical gifts. As we enter this years' time of giving, remember, as well as giving physical gifts this Christmas, there are many gifts that we can give that... Continue Reading →

God Calls Us To Trust and Obey Him

God continues to call us to trust and obey Him To accept His mercy filled gift of forgiveness To walk and talk with Him and rest In His everlating joy and peace. A verse from my poem 'But Wait, God made a Promise' Beverley Joy of Simply Story Poetry

Happiness for Some is…

Happiness for some is a feeling that comes When the circumstance is easy and fun For others, it's spiritual with deep meaning A deep joy that flows no matter what life brings. A verse from my poem 'What is Happiness?' Beverley Joy of Simply Story Poetry

God has Promised…

God has promised peace, joy, wisdom & strength So, trust in Him, follow His lead, relax your grip, step forward in faith, and hold God's hand that's warm with grace. A verse from my poem 'Walking with Our Heavenly Father'. Beverley Joy of Simply Story Poetry

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