Once I Was Blind, But Now I See

INTRO: This Christian devotional poem is inspired by the Bible story, in John chapter 9, of the blind man who was healed by Jesus. When the man returned from following Jesus' instructions to wash, the people who saw him asked him in amazement about his healing. They took him to the Jewish temple to show... Continue Reading →

Dad, You Are a Gentleman

INTRO: 'Gentleman' is not a word I hear very often anymore. I originally wrote this poem for my two wonderful brothers who are true gentlemen. I added the last few verses to reflex a loving marriage relationship. Happy Father's Day to all the gentlemanly dads out there. Beverley Joy. PODCAST - Dad, You Are A... Continue Reading →

Dad, an Old Fashioned Gentleman

Dad, you still give warmly the gift of love Through your welcoming smile, handshake and hugs Everyone loves your gentlemanly way Your good manners, gratitude and thanks. I love you, dad. Adapted from my poem 'God Bless You Dad' Beverley Joy of Simply Story Poetry BUY my poems and verses products at beverleyjoy.redbubble.com

A Hug Needs No Words

A Hug needs no words, it speaks through touch. Exert from 'A Comforting Hug' Beverley Joy of Simply Story Poetry You can BUY my poems and verses at beverleyjoy.redbubble.com

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