I’m Moving On

Woman downsizing minializing to travel in a motorhome

Falling in Love Again

A woman cautious about falling in love again

Stepping Over into Love

A youg woman decides to fall in love again.


Romantic simple experiences a couple enjoy doing while travelling

The Journey of True Love

The qualities of true love grow and develop over time.

The Poetry of Love

Verses of love that compare love to different elements of nature and music.

Love is Living Art

Falling in love is like creating a piece of artwork.

Steal Away A Moment in Time

The intense emotions and thoughts when falling romantically in love with someone.

The Web of Love

A cobweb is like falling in love

Time Will Tell

The emotions and feeling around a first romantic date for a young couple.

Saying ”I Am Too Busy” is a Cover-Up

We often hide behind the excuse of I am too busy to develop and share our gifts and talents with others

A Scribble in Time

As New Year Resolutions are made, some people will complete them throughout the year, some will start and fail and others will not even start.

Quick, Save The Saviour

Joseph gathers his wife and child Jesus and escapes to safety in Egypt

Gifts Fit For A King

Christmas story of the Three Wise Men, Magi visit the child Jesus

Together For Christmas

Families getting together for Christmas Day can be challenging.

Far Away for Christmas

Distant Family and friends separated at Christmas time.

The Christmas Story in the Garden of Eden

The Christian Christmas Story starts in the Garden of Eden Genesis chapter 3 verse 15 with a promise from God.

The Best Gift to Give is You

Giving the gifts of listening and our time.

Leaving on a jet plane

Teenage girl leaves the family home to follow love.

Cruisin’ Into Her New World

young woman leaving the family home to pursue her first love relationship

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