LORD, Hear Our Prayer

INTRO: As our lives gather momentum into a New Year, I have republished this Christian poem, which is based on The Lord's Prayer, found in the Bible in Matthew Chapter 6 verses 9 to 13. This is my favourite poem and I believe, an important poem to keep front of mind. When I first wrote... Continue Reading →

God Bless You Dad

INTRO: My dad is now 91 years of age and has been in aged care for three years. I started writing this poem in 2018 when dad went to live in an aged care home and finished it for this Father's Day 2021. Over the past few years, I have watched him fight to hold... Continue Reading →

Let God’s Love Flow Through You

God says... Serve your loved ones resting in My peace Your love for them reflects your love for Me Let My joy and love flow to them through you And draw on Me for the love you need. This is a verse from my poem God says leave Them With Me. Beverley Joy of Simply... Continue Reading →

Entrust Them to God

God says... It's time for you to entrust Your loved ones to Me I'm the one who saves You're the one who prays. A verse from my poem God Says Leave them with Me Beverley Joy of Simply Story Poetry

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