Love Rumbles its Message to Mankind

Love rumbles its message to mankind "If you swim against me, you will tire and fail Come, swim with me, embrace the journey Flow with love's Golden Rule of life" A verse from my poem 'Love Flows Like A River' Beverley Joy of Simply Story Poetry You can BUY my poems and verses on a... Continue Reading →

The River of Love Will Find a Way

Love flows like a river out into our world It will not be stopped by the obstacles of life We can slow it down or hold it back for a time But the river of love will find a way through or around. A verse from my poem 'Love Flows As A River' Beverley Joy... Continue Reading →

Love Flows Like A River

INTRO: I was inspired to write this poem after visiting the Daly River, in the Northern Territory, Australia in my motorhome. My visit was at the tail end of the wet season, and a cyclone that had recently flooded through the north of Australia in early 2011. Many homes and businesses, in my hometown of... Continue Reading →

The Valley’s Secret

INTRO: I wrote this poem while travelling through Meander Valley at the foot of Cradle Mountain in northern Tasmania, Australia. It was that moment of awe, splendour, and majesty that a mountain top view offers. Looking out across other mountains and valleys toward the far distant horizon. We then descended to the valley below which... Continue Reading →

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