The Valley’s Secret

INTRO: I wrote this poem while travelling through Meander Valley at the foot of Cradle Mountain in northern Tasmania, Australia. It was that moment of awe, splendour, and majesty that a mountain top view offers. Looking out across other mountains and valleys toward the far distant horizon. We then descended to the valley below which was also awesome, splendid, and majestic in its own secret way. Beverley Joy

PODCAST – The Valley’s Secret

After a slow exhausting climb

To the top of the mountain peak

I stand in awe and breath in deep

The majestic sprawling landscape scene.

“How great is our God, in all the earth”

The words fall out in awesome praise

His might and splendour I can see

His presence felt in the early spring breeze.

I wish I could live in this euphoria

Then with a sigh, I say “Goodbye”

As I turn to navigate the steep decline

To the valley hidden far below.

An ancient wise old man once said

“Be a valley under heaven”

Why would he say be a valley?

Why not say be a mountain peak?

What secret does the valley hide?

I am intrigued for I’ve been told

Mountain peaks shout ‘victory’

Valleys whisper sorrow and peace.

A sparkling river meanders through

This peaceful valley scene

Quaint houses snuggly perched

Along the lush green valley ridge.

The afternoon sun paints a picture

Of various shades of green

Sweeping its brush through the valley

To a spray of horizon sunset colour.

I stop to breathe in this wonderful scene

The serenity sits heavy on my skin

Unimagined from the mountain peak

Now throwing shadows cold and bleak.

I look up and shiver at the mountain

That looms in the mystery behind me

I step into the sun’s warm ray

That welcomes me to the valley.

The rumble of the river entices me

To come and discover its secrecy

Hidden far below towering mountain peaks

Life in the valley, is plentiful and lush.

The snow that melts on the mountain tops

Instantly flows to the valley below

Raging uncontrollably it falls

With magnetic force to the valley floor.

Where flooding waters are controlled

Welcomed and received effortlessly

And forced to flow down rivers and creeks

To meet the valleys expected needs.

Weirs slow the powerful flow

Local farmers water their crops

Quench the thirst of animals and folk

Cleanse and replenish the valley below.

Valleys and mountain peaks exist

Side by side as opposites

One cannot exist without the other

And so, human life reflects that of nature.

When I walk through a valley in life

And the effects of bad weather flood my mind

I receive and accept the valley’s lesson

Its nourishment, its discipline, its direction.

God controls and directs His Living Water

That flows and roars loud and strong

Through the weir of my heart and soul

To flood my valley with His presence & peace.

To feed and nourish my heart and soul

To cleanse my thoughts, to quench my thirst

To grow my trust and love of Him

To remind me of His power and strength.

Then, when God’s Living Water calms

To a gentle meander and peaceful means

It sparkles in the warmth of His Son’s

Continuous grace, mercy and love.

Beverley Joy © 2013 of Simply Story Poetry. all Rights Reserved.

You can listen to all my poems on several podcast platforms here

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