Two Minute Moves

INTRO: I wrote this poem after reading the book titled 'Two Minute Moves' by Lizzy Williamson. I found this book on an early morning walk during Australia's complete Covid 19 lockdown. What a great idea to get up from the computer and exercise for two minutes and repeat it throughout the day. I bought copies... Continue Reading →

Invest in Relationships

Create something with your body so rich Share the wealth of your body with someone else Earn interest by investing in relationships. A verse from my poem "You Are Rich'. BeverleyJoy of Simply Story Poetry

The Mirror Reflects What You Can Give

INTRO: As we enter this year's season of giving, I want to continue with the theme of giving. I originally published this poem earlier in the year titled You Are Rich, but I renamed it and I have added a verse to the end of the poem about some of the many free gifts that... Continue Reading →

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