Two Minute Moves

INTRO: I wrote this poem after reading the book titled ‘Two Minute Moves’ by Lizzy Williamson. I found this book on an early morning walk during Australia’s complete Covid 19 lockdown. What a great idea to get up from the computer and exercise for two minutes and repeat it throughout the day. I bought copies of the book for my friends to encourage each other to exercise each day. Even though we may live apart, we can take two minutes to think of each other while we do our two minutes of exercise. Beverley Joy.

PODCAST Two Minute Moves

I’ve made a two-minute move to gift this poem to you

So, while the kettle is boiling, or on the phone, you’re calling

Flex and tighten your muscles

For if we don’t use them, we’ll lose them.

We need to exercise every day

To shout “wake up” to our lazy brain

To remind it of our WHOLE body

Of muscles and limbs that go to sleep.

‘Cause now we rarely jump and climb

Nor visit a playground to swing high

Or kick balls or freestyle swim

We just work, work, work while we sit.

Let’s do some stretching and bending

A few push-ups then touch our toes

Run on the spot for a minute or so

Go for a brisk walk around the block.

Let’s train our brains to form a new habit

To move for two minutes several times a day

You in your world, I in mine

Together in motion, we’ll get fit.

Beverley Joy © 2020 of Simply Story Poetry. All Rights Reserved.

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Inspired by the book – Two-Minute Moves, 2017 Lizzy Williamson, Affirm Press

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