The Ebb and Flow of Life

INTRO: The ebb and flow of life, the highs, and lows of experiences, the coming and going of relationships, the constant fluctuation in society, the rise and fall of emotions, and the continuous change in circumstance. All of life on earth and the environment are in a state of continuous change. Being destroyed and then... Continue Reading →

The Beatitudes of Jesus

INTRO: This poem introduces the Beatitudes, or blessings, found in Matthew chapter 5 verses 1 to 12, one of the well-known passages of the Bible, yet one of the most misunderstood. The Beatitudes is like a multi-faceted diamond. When you pick it up and inspect it closely, it sparkles in its many brilliant facets, each... Continue Reading →

Happiness for Some is…

Happiness for some is a feeling that comes When the circumstance is easy and fun For others, it's spiritual with deep meaning A deep joy that flows no matter what life brings. A verse from my poem 'What is Happiness?' Beverley Joy of Simply Story Poetry

Happiness is…Money vs Simplicity

Some people feel happy with lots of money The exciting experiences that it affords Other people don't want abundance They are happy with a simple life. A verse from my poem 'What is Happiness?' Beverley Joy of Simply Story Poetry

What is Happiness?

Happiness means different things to different people. I wrote this poem while travelling 6,000kms in a motorhome from Brisbane Queensland across the top of Australia, to Broome in Western Australia. Just sitting back one day, watching people, and reflecting on the meaning of happiness. Beverley Joy PODCAST- What is Happiness? What makes you happy? Money,... Continue Reading →

The Mirror Reflects What You Can Give

INTRO: As we enter this year's season of giving, I want to continue with the theme of giving. I originally published this poem earlier in the year titled You Are Rich, but I renamed it and I have added a verse to the end of the poem about some of the many free gifts that... Continue Reading →


No clinging or neediness Played out between us Just an honest desire To share some time. From my poem 'Friendship'. Beverley Joy of Simply Story Poetry You can BUY my poems and verses at

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