The Beatitudes of Jesus

INTRO: This poem introduces the Beatitudes, or blessings, found in Matthew chapter 5 verses 1 to 12, one of the well-known passages of the Bible, yet one of the most misunderstood. The Beatitudes is like a multi-faceted diamond. When you pick it up and inspect it closely, it sparkles in its many brilliant facets, each one presenting a different perspective of a believer’s life.

The Beatitudes is part of Jesus’ first sermon during His three years of ministry here on earth over 2,000 years ago. By this time, Jesus had called all his disciples. Now He began to teach them how to live a God honouring life or, in other words, to live a life like Christ, ‘Christlike’. Jesus did not preach this sermon to the general public.


Although the Jewish people had already faced much persecution under different foreign rules, Jesus knew the persecution of the Jewish people would continue until He returned again to reign over the earth as king, during the millennium. He also knew that His disciples, current and future believers, would face a new type of persecution in the near future because of their Christian faith. Also, this persecution of His believers would continue until His second coming.

The Beatitudes, or blessings, sparkle with the grace and love of Jesus. The night before Jesus died on the cross, He prayed for all of His followers, current and future, which includes us, in John chapter 17 verses 13-21. When I read that passage, I picture myself standing nearby watching Jesus praying this prayer. Among all the wonderful acts of love Jesus did here on earth, He physically prayed for you and me and all believers. Jesus prayed that His joy is made full in us, to keep us safe from the evil one, to make us holy by the truth of God’s Word.

Over the next nine weeks, I will be publishing a poem on each of the Beatitudes, one of the many beautiful gifts of teaching that Jesus Himself gave us. Beverley Joy.

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The Beatitudes are not a moral challenge

For us to strive to live up to

Nor are they an exchange

Of our living circumstances.

They’re not attained through education,

Lifestyle, status, or mind power

For the Beatitudes turn upside down

The world’s value system.

The world teaches to assert and elevate

To defend yourself and seek revenge

To aggressively promote yourself

Yet, the Beatitudes teach the opposite.

Those who have faith in Jesus Christ

Aim to live by the Beatitudes

Only by the power of God’s Spirit

Living powerfully from within us.

Beatitudes reflect Christian values and ethics

Toward money, ambition, and relationships

The way we think, feel, live, and speak

They show evidence of Christlikeness.

The Beatitudes carry a dual meaning

Of physical and spiritual happiness

From first century Israel into their future

From the first Christians through to God’s kingdom.

Genesis 3, begins the history

Of 4,000 years of mankind’s sin

Adam failed in his God-given purpose

And the Old Testament ends with a curse.

In Matthew begins the life of Christ

The new Adam, who did not fail

In the New Testament, where sin’s debt is paid

Begins and ends with God’s blessing.

Adam was tested in a beautiful garden

Christ was tested in a dry, harsh desert

The Old Testament shows man’s sinful regret

The New Testament shows God’s forgiveness.

To be Blessed by God is the ultimate state

Of contentment and well-being

The distinctive spiritual joy

Of those who put their faith in Him.

Jesus came into the world

To bless us, His chosen ones

His first sermon allures us

To be at peace with God for eternity.

A continuous state of contentment and peace

Despite feelings or circumstance

Not due to external happening,  

Outside influence can change like the wind.

Happiness is God’s character

Of which believers are partakers

As God’s Spirit is within each one

Moulding character to be like His Son.

The world assumes that happiness is found

When misery and pain are absent

Believers know true happiness is found

In the midst of pain and suffering.

The world searches for happiness

In pleasures and possessions

But a spiritual need cannot be fulfilled

With things physical or material.

For in the blink of an eye wealth can disappear

Sprouting wings, it flies away

Hoarding wealth harms that person

And to maintain pleasure require momentum.

The Beatitudes are in being, not doing

Nor are they what we have or achieve

They are God’s blessing available

To those who believe in Him.

Beverley Joy © 2021 Simply Story Poetry. All Rights Reserved.

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References: John MacArthur Grace To You, Alistair Begg Truth For Life

Matthew 5:1-12 The Zondervan NASB Study Bible copyright © 1999 Zondervan

Image by Enlightening Images from Pixabay

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