The Tussle Between My Brain Muscles

INTRO: I do, I don’t, I will, I won’t, I can, I can’t, I should, I shouldn’t, and the tussle goes on and on in my brain. Colour versus black and white. Thoughts bounced from one side of my brain to the other like a ping-pong ball. Each side smashes the thoughts back and forward like it is a competition.

The challenge is to learn how to end the competition. Balance both sides of the brain so thoughts swish smoothly from side to side like water. Respecting both sides – logical and creative, as both complement each other. The colourful thoughts of the creative side blend with the black and white of the logical side to create the individual artwork of our lives. Beverley Joy.

PODCAST The Tussle Between My Brain Muscles

My logical brain likes things neat and tidy

Old and known, comfortable and sensible

“If it’s new, if it’s original, FORGET IT!”

“New things are DANGEROUS.” It likes to tell me.

My creative brain is inquisitive and playful

It loves to see, hear, and smell new and interesting things

There exists a tussle between my brain muscles

My logical brain fights to win the race.

At work, our creative mind sits to one side

As our logical brain takes charge of our tasks

In a responsible and practical way

Which is good and is what we need to do. 

My logical brain likes to check Facebook

Skim articles, like a friend’s post

Flick over to Twitter and Pinterest

To check my social media status.

I was a compulsive non-fiction reader

I’d finished one book, then start another

Feeding my logical brain with knowledge

Which is not bad, when kept in balance.

Now, once I’ve turned the last page, I take a day’s break

I spend a moment looking up from my phone

And engage my surroundings to hear, see and smell

To allow my creative brain to take a deep breath.

While we cook or garden or wash the car

Our creative mind cooks up thoughts

Digging up and watering new ideas

Solving problems that bubble up.

While we drive home, it drives home ideas

Plans emerge as we merge lanes on the freeway

Our creative mind wants to go on adventures

Sense and explore things of interest.

To feed your hungry creative mind

Travel a different way home next time

Stop to smell the fresh bread baking

Listen to the sounds of nature that surround you.

Be attentive to your life experiences

Don’t ignore them or be too busy and miss them

It’s when we’re not ‘doing’ creative ideas arise

Or solutions to problems flash before our eyes. 

Visit a second-hand or antique store,

An art gallery, a museum, go, see a movie,

A walk on the beach, in a country or city garden,

Watching a sunrise or sunset, taste food that is foreign.

Kick a ball, shoot hoops, swing at the local park,

Skip, run, ride or swim

Fun things children do, that adults stop doing.

A little fun can go a long way

Toward balancing our logical and creative brains

Allowing time to flex our creative biceps

And relieve the tussle between our brain muscles.

So, while I hand wash the dishes, instead of mumbling

About what I should or should not have done

I wash those dishes with a fresh zing

Moving my thoughts to something creative.

Beverley Joy © 2022 of Simply Story Poetry. All Rights Reserved

You can listen to all my poems on several podcast platforms here

Image by Ermal Tahiri from Pixabay

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