The Busyness Excuse

INTRO: I wrote this poem to reflect a Christian perspective of time management based on the Bible story of Martha and Mary found in the Bible, Luke 10:38-42. We read of the choices Martha and Mary made the day Jesus came to stay at their place as they were close friends. Although this was a regular occurrence, it is on this occasion that we read of the altercation between Martha and Jesus over how Mary should be spending her time. Martha, Mary and their brother Lazarus were close and dear friends of Jesus. I have taken the liberty to modernize the story slightly, as it is such a relatable story to our current lifestyles.

In the poem, I have also referred to the scene from the story of the woman who meets Jesus at the well. Unbeknown to the woman, Jesus deliberately sits and waits for her to come to Him, just as He wants us to come and sit, listen and talk with Him. As Jesus speaks with her, He touches her wounded heart with His mercy, love and grace.

I often picture myself sitting with Jesus under the shade of a tree, protected from the scorching heat of the midday sun, leaving the cares of the world back in the busyness of city life, while we chat together about spiritual things. Beverley Joy

PODCAST – The Busyness Excuse

Mary had finished her daily chores

When Jesus came knocking on their door

Come in, come in, Martha welcomed them

They often stayed there to eat and rest.

Martha decided to cook up a feast

For Jesus and friends at the day’s end

Mary sat and listened, at Jesus’ feet

A rare opportunity, the dishes could wait.

Martha was seething in the kitchen

Angry at Mary for not helping

Nobody noticed how hard she was working

Cooking the feast, so perfect and quick.

She’d forgotten that her work was for God’s honour

Not to receive the honour for herself

That she was the servant to serve her Lord

She lost her true purpose in her work.

Jesus would have been happy with takeaway

Allowing time for Martha to spend time with Him

He would be gone the next day, travelling far away

But, she chose the busyness of chores over time with her Lord.

She accused Jesus of not noticing

But Jesus has seen the dark kitchen scene

“Martha, you’re always so busy

You choose busyness over me.”

Is our agenda more important than God’s

What matters to our Lord is our attitude to work

Yes, it’s important to do our chores

But it’s more important to love our Lord.

We rush about doing this and that

While Jesus sits under the tree and waits

For us to stop and sit with Him

To listen and learn, to chat and relax.

Beverley Joy © of Simply Story Poetry All Rights Reserves

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This song is one of my favourite oldies but goodies titled Slow Down by Chuck Girard 1975

Image by Enrique Meseguer from Pixabay

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