Saying ”I Am Too Busy” is a Cover-Up

We often hide behind the excuse of I am too busy to develop and share our gifts and talents with others

The Door to Wisdom

What is wisdom? Is it only found in religion? Is it a spiritual or a physical quality? Some wisdom that I have gained has come as an after effect of experiencing challenges in life. Some wisdom has come from knowledge I have acquired through education, which has prevented me from making foolish decisions and choices.... Continue Reading →

Let’s Talk Self-Talk

A poem about how I changed my negative self-talk for positive self-talk

Don’t Fence Me into Your Routine

INTRO: As the end of the day approached, I kicked myself again for denying myself the time and energy needed to work on my goal of poetry. I had to learn how to set boundaries on my time, take back my overextended and misplaced energy and invest it in my own goal. I needed to... Continue Reading →

The Tussle Between My Brain Muscles

Balance both sides of the brain, logical and creative, so thoughts flow smoothly from side to side.

I Love, I Hate Journaling

INTRO: Over the decades I have had a love-hate relationship with journaling. When I talk with people about journaling, I find that it means and looks different to each one of them. Different types of journal books, some are plain, some are fancy and they hold different meanings to individuals. There is no right or... Continue Reading →

Stop Wasting Time and Get on with It

Over 50s stop procastrinating and focus on achieving life goals before it's too late in life.

Archetypes of Life

INTRO: Back in 2014, my young adult daughter gave me a birthday card with a picture of a Queen on the front cover with the caption 'You Totally Rule'. I was surprised that she chose that picture, as I did not see myself as a 'Queen' but she did, in a nice way! I had... Continue Reading →

A Delicate Flower

INTRO: I wrote this poem after visiting the beautiful botanical gardens in Darwin in the Northern Territory, Australia, while travelling in my motorhome. In this poem, I compare the tiny intricately designed flowers with those of us who have beautiful qualities to offer the world, but largely go unnoticed, due to our quiet natures. I... Continue Reading →

Clean Up My Cluttered Mind

INTRO: This poem compares a cluttered room to a cluttered mind. When I wrote this poem, my life was messy, and my mind was filled with messy thoughts. It was time to get both areas of my life to regain my equilibrium. I had to sit down and think things through and make decisions as... Continue Reading →

Hello Fear

INTRO: This poem was inspired after I read for the second time, the book titled Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway, by Susan Jeffers. I had read this inspiring book a year earlier. But as the years rolled on and new life experiences tumbled in on me, I needed to take a fresh look... Continue Reading →

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