Saying ”I Am Too Busy” is a Cover-Up

INTRO: ‘I am too busy doing what?I spent most of my adult life helping others until I realized that I was spending too much of my time helping others. How can that be? Isn’t helping others a good thing to do? Yes, it is, but not at the expense of being irresponsible and negligent of your own talents, responsibilities and goals in life. So, what was the real reason I was neglecting my own talent and goals? I had to face the fact that I was hiding behind my ‘helping’ to avoid facing my greatest fear – the fear of rejection and criticism of my poetry. So, I was brave like David and faced my Goliath. Now the fear has been replaced by a love for writing poetry.

I have been posting poetry each week for two years now. I no longer hide behind the excuse of housework and doing things for others in their homes that they were quite capable of doing themselves and preferred me out of the way anyway! “Get a Life Beverley” was the message the winds of life were blowing my way. I still help my family and friends a lot, but now I am busy and have to check how I balance my time with my passion and joy of sharing my poetry. Beverley Joy

AUDIO – Saying I’m too busy is a Cover-up

No matter what age or life path you pursue

It’s never too late to start something new.

Excuses, excuses, don’t give me excuses

I’m too old, too young, too stuck in my ways

It’s too late, it’s too soon to try something new.

Stop aimlessly bobbing in the ocean of life

Tossed this way and that out of your control

Start swimming with purpose in your stroke

Like a swimmer, cuts through the rough surf.

Unblock your fear of what people might think

Like turning on a hose that was once blocked

Once the blockage is gone, the water flows

And you will nourish and refresh wherever you go.

Curiosity can influence every part of your life

In your work, hobbies, and relationships

So, live in wonder and awe, eager to know more

A curious attitude will open closed doors.

We can spend too much time living for others

Supporting and working for their dreams and goals

I was doing this to avoid sharing my poems

For fear of rejection and disapproval.

I struggled with jealousy and frustration

Watching others achieve their dreams and goals

But, while I was helping, I could remain selfish

And not take responsibility for my gift.

It’s not fair to others when we are thinking

Negative thoughts about them and their talent

We’re not being true to ourselves or our family and friends

Letting fear of our goals sap our creative energy.

It’s healthy to set boundaries, for their sake and yours

And live a balanced life that includes your own goals

Bring your goals to the front and centre of life

DO IT NOW. START TODAY. Your family will say thanks.

Beverley Joy © 2022 Simply Story Poetry. All Rights Reserved.

You can listen to all my poems on several podcast platforms here

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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