The Unchangeability of Change

Change is an inevitable part of life

INTRO: Sometimes when change presents itself, and we don’t accept it. Fear can hold us back from accepting change in our lives. Many times, we have no choice but to accept change whether that it is good or bad for us. Change can be uncomfortable and scary. It takes courage to accept change. It takes courage to change the changes that are forced upon us. Change can be exciting and intriguing, bring renewed energy and experiences into our lives. It can cause upheaval in our comfortable lives, or it can be just the thing that we were looking for at the time.


Either way change confronts us continuously. Whether we ‘go with the flow’ or adapt it to fit more comfortably into our lives, or whether we stand strong against it, we must deal with change. We must decide on how to process change in our lives. We can accept change one day and then decide that we don’t like the result of change, so we adapt the change to better suit our way of life.

Change can be seen when people make a ‘sea change’ or a ‘tree change’ to escape the hustle and bustle of city life. On the other side, some people, like I did, make a change toward the city life. I enjoyed the excitement and energy of life in the city. Walking along the city river toward the city as the sun rose over the horizon, breaking through the high-rise buildings. Then walking back as the night lights lit up the river and buildings. Lots of people talking, briskly walking, running, chatting and bicycle riding. Then one day change came into my life, and I moved away to a ‘sea and tree’ change to a country seaside town.

Some people fight for change. They want change in policies. Sometimes the changes they want are good, sometimes they fight for bad changes, depending on how the changes they want are going to affect separate groups within society.

Change is processed in separate ways by each person as is happiness. This has made me think back to my poem What is Happiness? We all want to be happy. A change accepted eagerly by one person may enhance their happiness. That same change may not be eagerly accepted by another person causing them to feel unhappy.

I don’t want to miss new adventures in life, so I have learned to embrace change. I was inspired to write this poem on the same gusty windy day as I wrote The Wind’s Loud Song. Beverley Joy.

PODCAST – The Unchangeability of Change

Change is like the weather

Unpredictable and unchangeable

By human intervention.

We can spend the day complaining

We can get angry at God

Shake our fists and yell “Why me?”

But still, change behaves as it will.

Just accept it, flex with it

And get on with your day

Accept change in your life

It will bring you new adventures.

Beverley Joy © 2010 of Simply Story poetry. All Rights Reserved

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