The Unchangeability of Change

Change is an inevitable part of life INTRO: Sometimes when change presents itself, and we don't accept it. Fear can hold us back from accepting change in our lives. Many times, we have no choice but to accept change whether that it is good or bad for us. Change can be uncomfortable and scary. It... Continue Reading →

I am Content to Not be Content

“I am content being the me I am right here and now, yet I am not content to stay the me that I am right here and now, into my future.” Beverley Joy of Simply Story Poetry Photo - O'Rielly's Rainforest Retreat walk, Gold Coast Hinterland.

The Stranger Within Her

I know my story resonates with many women who have journeyed through difficult abusive relationships. PODCAST - The Stranger Within Her Who is this? Controlled, restrained, suppressed In her relationships Living a life that wasn’t her own A stranger to herself. "Don’t make waves Don’t ask for help Do as you’re told Don’t complain." "You... Continue Reading →

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