The Stranger Within Her

I know my story resonates with many women who have journeyed through difficult abusive relationships.

AUDIO – The Stranger Within Her

Who is this?

Controlled, restrained, suppressed

In her relationships

Living a life that wasn’t her own

A stranger to herself.

“Don’t make waves

Don’t ask for help

Do as you’re told

Don’t complain.”

“You have no ‘voice’, your opinion’s don’t matter

You’re uneducated, no one will listen.”

A square peg forced into a round hole

A vulnerable girl silenced from birth.

Her first relationship was more of the same

Add the ingredients of anger and rage

Trying to please him, walking on eggshells

No rights, it’s not fair, she must leave him.

Her next relationship was happy at first

They laughed and danced, he loved her voice

An obedient wife, she trusted him,

It was good as long as she said “Yes.”

One day she courageously said “No”

“Be true to myself, my values renew.”

Her ‘positive’ husband turned into a monster

Spewing up anger from the bowels of his soul.

Physically trapped, kept from her family

Silenced, in pain and suffocating

Say what’s acceptable, or pay the price

Don’t ruffle the feathers, try to stay safe.

When enough was enough, she walked out

Full of fear and dread, she entered her new world

She was a stranger to herself

Her world had changed, but she was still the same.

She went to church,

She heard of God’s love

He flooded her heart

With His saving grace.

She prayed to God, “Help me, please

You’ve made me new, but I don’t know

Who I am becoming; I’m changing from within.”

“Who am I? Who is this?

That emerges from within

An alien, a stranger

Living in my skin.”

She’s now bubbly and bright

Supported by true friends

She has a voice that praises sing

She’s educated and confident.

She reminisces her old self

Now a stranger far-removed

Shivers run through her

“I must never go back there.”

Time has passed and gradually

Her life is full of love and peace

She’s wiser, smarter and less naive

Her faith is strong as she moves on.

Beverley Joy © 2014 of Simply Story Poetry. All Rights Reserved.

You can listen to all my poems on several podcast platforms here

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Lauren Daigle ‘You Say’ This is my song match for ‘The Stranger Within Her’. I love how it reflects the strangeness of new beginnings.
My favourite Bob Dylan Gospel song,’I Believe in You’ here sung by Sinead O’Connor. For me this song resonates with ‘The Stranger Within Her’ poem.

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