God Knows Firsthand Your Pain

INTRO: I wrote this poem following the death of my nephew as a young adult by suicide. I witnessed the agonizing pain and unanswered questions that my brother, his wife and their family had to process over the following years. The overwhelming guilt and shame that follows a suicide are horrific, on top of the grief of the loss itself. Although I knew this poem was inadequate to comfort them, I needed to research and write about God and Jesus’ pain. Beverley Joy.

PODCAST – God Knows Firsthand Your Pain

When Jesus saw Mary and Martha cry

At the death of their brother, Lazarus

Jesus cried.

He was upset and deeply troubled

Lazarus was a close dear friend of His

Those looking on could see

How much Jesus loved him.

When Jesus was told that his cousin

John the Baptist had been murdered

He crossed the Lake to go to a place

Where he could be alone…

Jesus knew the death he would face

He agonized through the sweat of blood

Alone he prayed in the garden that night

His friends did not understand why.

Jesus was beaten so badly

He could not carry his cross

Women watched, sad and crying

They felt such sorry for him.

Jesus saw his mother and brothers

Standing by his cross as he died

Relatives and friends and Mary Magdalene

And His followers he loved very much.

God knows first-hand your pain

He watched his only Son

Die a painful cruel death

As his murderers mocked and whipped him.

They both endured such pain

As Jesus died, an innocent man

To fulfil God’s promise that through faith

Every tear He will soon wipe away.

When the friends of Jesus saw a man

Blind since birth they asked

“Jesus, why was this man born blind?

Whose sin caused his suffering?”

“Was it his fault or that of his parents?”

 “T’was neither” replied Jesus

“Not the sin of this man or his parents

That caused his suffering.”

Jesus said “I have told you these things

So that in me you may have peace

In this world, you will have trouble

But take heart, I’ve overcome it.”

 “My grace is all you need

Have faith and believe

For only when you trust in me

Is my strength in you, complete.”

Beverley Joy © 2014 of Simply Story Poetry. All Rights Reserved.

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References: Matthew Henry’s Commentary of the Whole Bible 1960 Marshall, Morgan & Scott
John 9:1-3 John 11:33-36 John 19:25-26 Mat 14:12-13
John 16:33 Luke 23:26-27 1 Cor 12:9 Eph 6:18

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