The Wilted Rose Poet

My Story Part 2 At 30 years of age, I wrote my first poem about motherhood, after my first daughter was born. I hand wrote the short poem in a pretty card for my mum for Mother’s Day. I found that card while I was sorting through my mum's belongings, after she passed away. The... Continue Reading →

God Knows Every Dip and Rise

God has not promised a straight smooth life But He knows every bump, turn, dip and rise, Be it illness, a divorce or an accident, A loss of a loved one or employment. A verse from my poem 'Walking with Our Heavenly Father'. Beverley Joy of Simply Story Poetry

God Knows Firsthand Your Pain

INTRO: I wrote this poem following the death of my nephew as a young adult by suicide. I witnessed the agonizing pain and unanswered questions that my brother, his wife and their family had to process over the following years. The overwhelming guilt and shame that follows a suicide are horrific, on top of the... Continue Reading →

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