The Wilted Rose Poet

My Story Part 2

At 30 years of age, I wrote my first poem about motherhood, after my first daughter was born. I hand wrote the short poem in a pretty card for my mum for Mother’s Day. I found that card while I was sorting through my mum’s belongings, after she passed away. The poem to my mum will be published in the book titled Wilted No More. This book will be the sequel to The Wilted Rose, which is the story of my family’s troubled life during my childhood.

The book title ‘The Wilted Rose’ symbolizes the life of my mother…

A budding flower surviving her youth dreaming of a happy fulfiling future

Living in full bloom as a young adult woman striving toward her life goals

Wilting in motherhood from broken dreams and tragedy.

The book title ‘Wilted No More’ symbolizes the opposite. My own life…

Living a wilted life under the shadow of my mother’s wilted life

But then, a flower bud surviving to grow from the ashes

A budding flower striving as a young adult, to grow into a happy fulfiling future

Then, at midlife, she is living in full bloom thriving in life.

The Wilted Rose has been reedited to include several poems that I wrote over the years which reflect on my childhood. The Wilted Rose will be available as an ebook and print on demand book later this year.

The sequel, Wilted No More, is being edited at present and will be available hopefully by the end of the year. It will also include poems that I wrote as my adult life unfolded. These poems cover many ups and downs of my adult life – falling in and out of love, financial wins and loses, motherhood, empty nest syndrome and my time living as a Nomad Baby Boomer.

Beverley Joy of Simply Story Poetry

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