Cruisin’ Into Her New World

young woman leaving the family home to pursue her first love relationship

Daddy, I Love and Trust You

The love and trust a daughter has for her father.

Goodbye My Love – The Wilted Rose

Introduction: The true story continues with Sarah and George feeling comfortable and familiar in their relationship. It felt like the time was right to move to the next level and get engaged. How will Sarah's parents react to George asking them for Sarah's hand in marriage? Will they accept him into their family circle? Sarah... Continue Reading →

Happy Stepmother’s Day

INTRO: My dad remarried at 75 years of age, a few years after my mother's death, which followed a lifetime of caring for my mentally ill mum. My step-mum is such a blessing so late in my dad's life. Dad is now 90 years old and still happily married to my step-mum. It's never too... Continue Reading →

A Love Letter from Mum

INTRO: A little advice from mum doesn't go astray, especially on Mother's Day. I wrote this poem when my daughters were young adults. They had both left home and were living independently now. I was travelling through Western Australia, thousands of kilometres away from them, in Brisbane, Queensland. I missed them very much. I sent... Continue Reading →

Build Your House of Love

INTRO: Build love into our homes this Mother's Day. This poem compares the building of a house with the building of loving relationships with family and friends in our homes. I wrote this poem in 2014 for my young adult daughters. Happy Mother's Day this Sunday. Beverley Joy PODCAST - Build Your House of Love... Continue Reading →

A Daughter’s Care – Women of the Bible

INTRO: As Mother's Day approaches, I have reposted this poem based on the Bible Story of a mother-in-law and her daughter-in-law, Naomi and Ruth. Although great tragedy struck their family, Ruth proves herself a devoted daughter-in-law, wife and mother. Beverley Joy. PODCAST - A Daughter's Care Young and beautiful, pleasant, and married To a strong... Continue Reading →


On this ANZAC Day, I have recorded the Anglican Church of Australia Prayer Book prayer so we can pray for our defence and police forces at this troubled time of war in Ukraine and fighting around the world. Also in Australia and around the pacific area, our Australian defence force is helping victims recover from... Continue Reading →

Back to the Garden

INTRO: The Story of Jesus Christ, the Saviour of the world, has come full circle. It began in the Garden of Eden and will end in God's new garden. This Feature Image is the same one I used in The Christmas Story in the Garden of Eden Part 1. My interpretation of this image is... Continue Reading →

Footprints of Love

INTRO: I wrote the last verse for my brother and his wife's thirty-five wedding anniversary. They live in a beautiful seaside town, which inspired the theme of this poem. I have added two verses to explain the inspiration of the poem. They are the family members that live 800km away from me that I wrote... Continue Reading →

Distant Family and Friends

INTRO: I wrote this poem while recalling memories of times spent with my brother and his wife and family who live 800kms north of my hometown of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. They come down to visit family and friends a few times a year. Every year I wish I had the money and time to go... Continue Reading →

God Touched My Mind and Opened My Eyes

God's peace has touched my wounded eyes And soothed my pain with His love and grace No greater gift could He have given Than open my eyes to see Jesus Christ. A verse from my poem 'Once I was Blind, But Now I See' Beverley Joy of Simply Story Poetry

God’s Bullet Proof Steal Armour

God's wings of love Are not weak like feathers But as strong as bullet proof steal armour Yet as flexible, warm and soft as feathers To completely emcompass and comfort us. A verse from my poem 'God Protects Us as a Mother Hen Protects Her Chicks - Psalm 91 Beverley Joy of Simply Story Poetry

Love Rumbles its Message to Mankind

Love rumbles its message to mankind "If you swim against me, you will tire and fail Come, swim with me, embrace the journey Flow with love's Golden Rule of life" A verse from my poem 'Love Flows Like A River' Beverley Joy of Simply Story Poetry You can BUY my poems and verses on a... Continue Reading →

The River of Love Will Find a Way

Love flows like a river out into our world It will not be stopped by the obstacles of life We can slow it down or hold it back for a time But the river of love will find a way through or around. A verse from my poem 'Love Flows As A River' Beverley Joy... Continue Reading →

Sweet Temptation

This Christian poem is based on Eve in Genesis 3:1-6. As I wrote this poem about Eve, it kept growing, so I divided it into four parts. This poem, part one, focuses on the process of temptation - How temptation transitions from what is seen through Eve's eyes, what is felt with her emotions, to... Continue Reading →

The Reason You Are Here?

As the sands of time shift under your feet The sea breeze blows those blue thoughts away'As you're reminded of the reason that you're here Your cherished family and children so dear. A verse from my poem 'What, You're Turning 60?' Beverley Joy of Simply Story Poetry You can BUY my poems and verses at... Continue Reading →

What, You’re Turning 60?

INTRO: It was a beautiful Queensland sunny spring day by the seaside when I wrote this poem for my brother who celebrated (or was it commiserated haha) his big six zero birthday. Family, friends, and pets laughed, sang, and barked their way through the celebration party. Happy birthday to all my readers who turn sixty... Continue Reading →

Dad, You Are Unique and Special

Outside appearance doesn't matter to me I see his soul and spirit, unique and special God's gift to his family. From my poem 'Dad, You Are A Gentleman' Beverley Joy of Simply Story Poetry You can BUY my poem and verse products at

I See a Father

I see a father Who devoted his youth To raise his children And provide for his family. From my poem 'Dad, You Are A Gentleman' Beverley Joy of Simply Story Poetry You can BUY my poem and verse products at

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