My love boat is moored to you


I wrote this poem while staying in the picturesque seaside town of Mandarah in Western Australia. This poem compares protective love to that of a small boat tied to a mooring.

Early one evening, Darren parked their motorhome beside a small boat harbour to stay for the night. Grace walked down to the pier. The wind was getting stronger. Grace was feeling nervous about sleeping off the beaten track, as she often was. She was afraid someone would come along and bang on the side of their motorhome in the middle of the night or a branch would fall from the tree overhead. Throughout their travels, Darren continued to gently reassure her that they would be safe. Beverley Joy.

Audio – My love boat is moored to you

I am as a boat resting at a pier

And my lover is my mooring

I am kept secure and safe in the harbour

Secured by his strong ropes of love.

In fine weather, I gently bob up and down

As life’s tides rise and fall

I beat out a peaceful rhythm

As the current of life laps gently against me.

When the weather of life gets rough

I am tossed about, bumping against my love

Testing his strength as I toss and tug.

I feel his arms, like rope strapped around me

Offering me his care and support

To securely fasten me to him

While the storms of life rage wildly.

I am well cared for in fine weather

And kept safe from the worst of the storms of life

When life is calm and the weather is clear

I float peacefully and quietly and have nothing to fear.

When we row out to life’s open sea

My hull is filled with family and friends

Who enjoy and relax, laugh and chat

As they reel in catches of success.

I am loved and cherished and remembered fondly

For providing adventures on life’s open sea

But the fondest memories of all for me

Are moonlight nights with just my lover

Floating peacefully without a rudder.

Beverley Joy of Simply Story Poetry 2012. All Rights Reserved.

Feels like home – Chantal Kreviazuk

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