My love boat is moored to you

A couple in boat on calm water on a moonlight night

Thank You

INTRO: This month I celebrate one year of posting two poems each week. So, I send a huge thank you to all my readers and listeners. Your support is greatly appreciated and encourages me to keep going. Most of the poems I published in 2021, were poems that I had written over the past 10... Continue Reading →

Choose to Forgive

INTRO: I wrote this poem at a time when I felt stuck in life. Challenges from my troubled upbringing were proving difficult to get unstuck from the mud of my past. I was reaping the results of ignorant bad decisions that I had made over the years. It is easy to say, 'I forgive you.'... Continue Reading →

Friday Night

"I wrote this poem for our favourite local restaurant. A group of us dined there every Friday night." PODCAST - Friday Night A simple meal, what’s the big deal? Well, it meets several needs... By Friday night we’re hungry to satisfy Our craving for our delicious weekend life. Often, I think what are we doing?... Continue Reading →

God Holds Them in His Hands

God says... I hold the whole world in My hands And in there, I hold your spouse and child Come to Me with your heavy burden And rest in My arms that have forgiven. This is a verse from my poem God says Leave Them With Me. Beverley Joy of Simply Story Poetry Image by... Continue Reading →

Everyday Love

This poem is about everyday love between family, friends, and work colleagues, no matter what the age difference. Beverley Joy PODCAST - Everyday Love In silence, love speaks out loudSeen in our eyes and felt with our touchAn unspoken language for all to hearThe language of love is interpreted. Sometimes we run and loseSometimes we... Continue Reading →

Happiness is Different Things…

Some people feel happy with family and friends Others prefer to be alone Some want a peaceful environment Others enjoy a busy life. A verse from my poem 'What is Happiness?' Beverley Joy of Simply Story Poetry

Aromas to Draw Friends

Build your House of Love, aromas wafting from a kitchen that draws friends and family into your home, pictures that reflect life's experiences, a stereo to dance and sing along to. A verse from my poem "Build Your House of Love.' You can BUY my poems and verses at Beverley Joy of Simply Story... Continue Reading →

Give A Hug Today

A hug: Today you receive what tomorrow you give. Exert from my poem 'A Comforting Hug' Beverley Joy of Simply Story Poetry

When Life is Puzzling

True friends help when life is puzzling. Poems: 'Puzzling Moments' and "Friendship'. Beverley Joy of Simply Story Poetry BUY my poems and verses at

Friends and Time

No matter the span of time between get-togethers, true friends fall into easy conversation like it was yesterday. A verse from my poem Friendship Beverley Joy of Simply Story Poetry


No clinging or neediness Played out between us Just an honest desire To share some time. From my poem 'Friendship'. Beverley Joy of Simply Story Poetry You can BUY my poems and verses at


"I wrote this poem after catching up with some close old friends that I had not seen for some time. No matter the span of time between get-togethers, close friends fall into conversation like it was yesterday that they were together." Beverley Joy PODCAST - Friendship Hello, how are you? It’s great to see you... Continue Reading →

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