Thank You

INTRO: This month I celebrate one year of posting two poems each week. So, I send a huge thank you to all my readers and listeners. Your support is greatly appreciated and encourages me to keep going. Most of the poems I published in 2021, were poems that I had written over the past 10 years.

When I started publishing for the new year in February 2022, I set myself a challenge to research, write and record three new poems each week, so that I could position myself with one month of poems scheduled in advance. Thankfully, I achieved that goal by the end of March by working on new poems every day. This was to take the pressure off me to write, record and publish two new poems each week in my work area.


There is a big difference between being free to scribble a poem in a journal sitting on a picturesque beach on a perfect sunny day in the cool summer breeze and having to write poetry in my work area under the pressure of a weekly deadline. These past two months I have not enjoyed this stressful process and is not how I write at my best. I can read the pressure between the lines of poems that I have forced out of my mind onto the paper. It feels like holding your breath underwater. I have managed to create some breathing space for myself to write my poems in more relaxed environments.

I have notebooks full of research notes on topics of poems that I want to write, so 2022 is the year for those new poems to be written and published. Now, each weekend I go for a bicycle ride to the beach, not far from where I live, sit there looking out over the water and scribble out new poetry from my research notes. This month I have been away on a self-imposed weekend writers retreat followed by a visit with family who live on a country property bordering a seaside township.

I spend three weekdays editing, recording, and scheduling poems. I write articles for my website Simply Create 2 Share. I wish I had the time to write articles every week, but at present, I only manage to write two articles each month. It takes a lot more time for me to write a 1500-word article than to write a poem. Poetry flows freely out of my mind. But article writing is a new skill that I want to improve. Usually, a poem from the article, so the article writing is the seed that blossoms into fragrant poetry. I hope you enjoyed listening to my poems and stories as much as I have enjoyed publishing them. Beverley Joy


In this silent world of no face-to-face

Of scrolling and flicking, I wonder if…

My posts get read, my information heard

Do I connect with my audience?

I’m just trying to get my message out there

On the crowded online world wide web

A small soft voice in a huge theatre

Filled with busy people, preoccupied.

Thank you for your likes

Your smiles and high-fives

They encourage and uplift

And help keep me motivated.

Thank you for taking the time

To show me your support

By liking and following

Commenting and sharing.

Beverley Joy © 2021 of Simply Story Poetry

You can listen to all my poems on several podcast platforms here

Image by Oberholster Venita from Pixabay

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