Leaving on a jet plane

Teenage girl leaves the family home to follow love.

Budding Love

teenage boy and girl's love grows for each other

Happy Stepmother’s Day

INTRO: My dad remarried at 75 years of age, a few years after my mother's death, which followed a lifetime of caring for my mentally ill mum. My step-mum is such a blessing so late in my dad's life. Dad is now 90 years old and still happily married to my step-mum. It's never too... Continue Reading →

A Love Letter from Mum

INTRO: A little advice from mum doesn't go astray, especially on Mother's Day. I wrote this poem when my daughters were young adults. They had both left home and were living independently now. I was travelling through Western Australia, thousands of kilometres away from them, in Brisbane, Queensland. I missed them very much. I sent... Continue Reading →

Build Your House of Love

INTRO: Build love into our homes this Mother's Day. This poem compares the building of a house with the building of loving relationships with family and friends in our homes. I wrote this poem in 2014 for my young adult daughters. Happy Mother's Day this Sunday. Beverley Joy PODCAST - Build Your House of Love... Continue Reading →

The Ebb and Flow of Life

INTRO: The ebb and flow of life, the highs, and lows of experiences, the coming and going of relationships, the constant fluctuation in society, the rise and fall of emotions, and the continuous change in circumstance. All of life on earth and the environment are in a state of continuous change. Being destroyed and then... Continue Reading →

A Hug is Priceless

INTRO: As we soon will be entering the Christmas time of giving, I have re-recorded this poem which was one of the first poems I published on my new podcast back in April 2021. I recorded it at the beginning of the Covid 19 lockdown in my hometown of Australia when hugs were not permitted.... Continue Reading →

Footprints of Love

INTRO: I wrote the last verse for my brother and his wife's thirty-five wedding anniversary. They live in a beautiful seaside town, which inspired the theme of this poem. I have added two verses to explain the inspiration of the poem. They are the family members that live 800km away from me that I wrote... Continue Reading →

Distant Family and Friends

INTRO: I wrote this poem while recalling memories of times spent with my brother and his wife and family who live 800kms north of my hometown of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. They come down to visit family and friends a few times a year. Every year I wish I had the money and time to go... Continue Reading →

Love Flows Like A River

INTRO: I was inspired to write this poem after visiting the Daly River, in the Northern Territory, Australia in my motorhome. My visit was at the tail end of the wet season, and a cyclone that had recently flooded through the north of Australia in early 2011. Many homes and businesses, in my hometown of... Continue Reading →

Choose to Forgive

INTRO: I wrote this poem at a time when I felt stuck in life. Challenges from my troubled upbringing were proving difficult to get unstuck from the mud of my past. I was reaping the results of ignorant bad decisions that I had made over the years. It is easy to say, 'I forgive you.'... Continue Reading →

What, You’re Turning 60?

INTRO: It was a beautiful Queensland sunny spring day by the seaside when I wrote this poem for my brother who celebrated (or was it commiserated haha) his big six zero birthday. Family, friends, and pets laughed, sang, and barked their way through the celebration party. Happy birthday to all my readers who turn sixty... Continue Reading →

Dad, You Gave The Best Years Of Your Life

I love you dad, you've been my rock Constant, reliable, forgiving and fun You gave us the best years of your life Your money, time, wisdom and faith May God bless you dad, this Father's Day. A verse from my poem 'God, Bless You Dad.' Beverley Joy of Simply Story Poetry You can BUY my... Continue Reading →

Dad, an Old Fashioned Gentleman

Dad, you still give warmly the gift of love Through your welcoming smile, handshake and hugs Everyone loves your gentlemanly way Your good manners, gratitude and thanks. I love you, dad. Adapted from my poem 'God Bless You Dad' Beverley Joy of Simply Story Poetry BUY my poems and verses products at beverleyjoy.redbubble.com

Dad, Your Love Does Not Sleep

Dad, your body is weak, but your spirit is strong, You body tires quickly, but your love does not sleep Your eyes have dimmed,  but your faith has not dimmed You struggle to hear,  but not when you hear 'I love you.' Adapted from my poem 'God Bless You Dad' Beverley Joy of Simply Story... Continue Reading →

God Bless You Dad

INTRO: My dad is now 91 years of age and has been in aged care for three years. I started writing this poem in 2018 when dad went to live in an aged care home and finished it for this Father's Day 2021. Over the past few years, I have watched him fight to hold... Continue Reading →

Acts of Love

Choosing an act of love and kindness Causes ripples of the same kind. Choosing an act of hatred and cruelty Causes ripples of the same kind. A verse from my poem 'Love's Ripple Effect' Beverley Joy of Simply Story Poetry You can BUY my poems and verses at beverleyjoy.redbubble.com click on image

A Card Is Inadequate

A card is inadequate to express the value of your life to us the loyalty and care you posses For our Family. You can BUY my poems and verses at beverleyjoy.redbubble.com Beverley Joy of Simply Story Poetry

I Thank God For You

I thank God every day For gifting you to my family A Desert Rose A Lotus Flower A Lilley of the Valley. Beverley Joy of Simply Story Poetry. You can BUY my poems and verses at beverleyjoy.redbubble.com

A Gift Is Too Inexpensive

A gift is too inexpensive To show the quality so priceless Of your faithfulness Toward Our Family. From my poem 'A Gift to Our Family'. BUY my poems and verses at beverleyjoy.redbubble.com Beverley Joy of Simply Story Poetry.

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