A Lover’s Hug

Introduction: The story of Grace continues… As a young mum of two young daughters, Grace was feeling the pressures of motherhood as her marriage falls apart. Beverley Joy

Together with the need, and desire, to help her dad care for their mentally ill mother. Her husband seemed happy working six days a week and spending his spare time helping his mates. Grace scheduled a monthly date night, but over time, that didn’t provide enough to meet her need for affection. She felt so lonely in her marriage. After 16 years of marriage, what would she do? Beverley Joy.

Poem audio – A Lover’s Hug

With babe in arms she cared for her mum, while devoting her time to her family and home, meeting her daughters’ every need, playing and laughing with hugs a plenty.

Though she gave unselfishly, she craved hugs from her lover so dear, who was too busy working for money.

Daughters in tow, she left to find another, that gave unselfish hugs,
and love her like no other.

When she found a lover who pampered and smothered. The daughters grew jealous and filled with malice.

The pain of being pulled this way and that, trying to balance the give and take, feeling guilty and selfish for needing hugs that proved to her that she was loved.

The daughters grew up and became young adults, she suffered such heart break from an ‘empty nest.’  Illness followed and so did the shock, that life could so easily be cut short.

Her lover took her away on a holiday, when they ran out of money, they stayed far away. Time ticked by, her heart aching for home, to be a mother again, to settle back down.

Her lover got stressed and stopped giving her hugs. He said ‘He wished life was different’, she misunderstood. Two empty hearts travelled around searching for something not yet found.

She flew back home to be a mother, but her daughters had moved on and found their own lovers.

Her life felt so empty, no family, no lover. What was her purpose now in being a mother? Her heart craved hugs from an unselfish lover, no hug from a daughter could satisfy that hunger.

“It’s time to be selfish and let the the past slip away, or I fear I will end up in the grave.”

Her lover is waiting, he says he is sorry. He got off track from stress and worry. So she packed up and went back to him, to try to laugh and love and hug again.

Beverley Joy of Simply Story Poetry 2012. All Rights Reserved.

Image by Love Art. Live Art. from Pixabay

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