Distant love smashed

Intro: This poem explores the moment Grace realizes her relationship with Darren must end. The story of Grace continues.

Grace is visiting family 4,000 kilometres away from her husband, Darren when she receives news that resulted in her deciding to end her marriage with Darren. They had been happily married for 10 years. They had lived and travelled in their motorhome around Australia for the past 4 years. This poem focuses not on what Darren did, but on her thoughts and emotions as Grace comes to terms with her situation and the decision she must make. Beverley Joy.

Poem audio – Distant Love smashed

The words had been spoken
But I didn’t want to hear
The reality of the words
Slapped me across both ears.

My head was ringing
With the painful ultimatum
10 years of laughs, struggles,
Commitment and passion.

Our friendship formed,
The family extended and embraced
Now my dream shattered
Of a united family stolen from me.

Family and friends continue to fall
Into the arms of their lovers
The traffic rushes by
People go about their business.

Outside the birds sing
The wind rustles through the leaves
The sun rises and falls
Life goes on but ours has stalled.

After a decade of living and loving
Can I start over again?
Build trust in another?
Be vulnerable again?

Oh, the awkward stage of becoming familiar
Physically and emotionally
Performing each day’s activities
Together so effortlessly.

Understanding each other’s feelings
Pre-empting behaviour and reactions
I had what I needed and what I wanted
Why can’t we be together?

We’ve battled through financial hardships
Illnesses and family crises
All the while determined to establish
Our relationship as sole mates.

Despite tripping a few times we kept surviving
Desperately driving our roots of love deeper
Gripping our love life with determination
Beyond what is seen or heard.

We thought there was nothing
That life could throw at us
That we wouldn’t rise above, smash, and conquer
Like victorious warriors.

The golden thread that flows between us
Since the day that we were married
Meant “I will love and take care of you
No matter what, no matter where.”

It’s hard for me to break that thread
Even though my family tell me “It’s for your best”
This thread has been my lifeline
My last hope, my very breath.

I know what I must do?
And yet I hesitate
Oh, I dread the thought to be alone
Without someone to love and be loved.

Beverley Joy of Simply Story Poetry © 2012 All rights Reserved

Image by Mariana Anatoneag from Pixabay

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