I’m Moving On

Intro: I wrote this poem just before we left Brisbane Queensland in the motorhome to travel across to Western Australia. We moved from a large home to a motorhome.

Grace and Darren set off on their journey around Australia in their motorhome. It had been a challenge deciding what to take and what to leave behind. Grace felt a mixture of excitement and anxiety. She could only take a few changes of clothes and only the essentials for every other part of her life. She had accepted the challenge to live a minimalist life and live without all their material possessions, just like the monks had to do. Darren had built them a comfortable motorhome. Grace soon felt free of the clutter of their previous life which allowed her mind to open up and she started to write poetry. Beverley Joy.

Poem – I’m Moving On

Audio – I’m Moving On

Love hurts because I love so much
Change is hard, moving on is even worse
Pieces of furniture nailed to my heart
My dog, my cat, my budgerigar.

They have all moved on leaving me
With a gaping hole, I just can’t fill.

My jewellery box, which cost 10 bucks
My cute fluffy bird that shakes when wound up
So many things, such precious bling
I don’t understand why they pull my heartstrings.

When my first daughter left home my heart shattered
The loss was heart-wrenching like no other
Now I must face this challenge again
As my second daughter leaves for her newfound home.

I’ve lost my mother, my brother, my children, my home
I wonder around like an empty lost soul
I have my love and my treasured things
And my life was saved in files on my USB stick.

I tried to shun all my earthly possessions
Stored in a shed while I lived like a monk
Learning detachment from all my baggage
But I have to accept they make up who I am.

My shoes are my feet – My clothes are my body
My perfume my essence – My jewellery my skin.

These things can move from place to place
But they must be with me in my space
My joys my sorrows my past revealed
In my diary confined secretly.

So what if I’m not as strong as I ‘should’ be
I pray that God will forgive me
I’m doing the best that I can right now
I tell myself to “Just lighten up”.

Well, my dear friend said to me
“Don’t worry you’ll move on naturally
To a homely place, you’re meant to be
Where you’ll live in perfect harmony
With those belongings that reflect
Your new beginnings in happiness.”

Beverley Joy of Simply Story Poetry 2011. All Rights Reserved.

You Gotta Be – Des’ree

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