It’s Simply the Way It Is

INTRO: This is one of three poems that I wrote when I first started thinking about sharing my poetry. I wrote this poem 7 years before I started sharing my poetry. I wrote it while I was living a quite simple lifestyle, travelling around Australia in a motorhome (I lived in a motorhome for four... Continue Reading →

A Puzzling Picture

INTRO: I started writing poetry in 2011 while travelling around Australia in a motorhome. I wrote this poem while in Western Australia, reflecting on my struggle to accept the gift I had of writing poetry. Back then, I thought it was an interesting but frivolous gift. What good could become of it? when I told... Continue Reading →

A Nomad Poet

My Poetry Story Part 3 In 2009 I set off with my then-husband to live in our motorhome full time and work when necessary as we travelled around Australia. We set off on a three-month journey which ended up lasting three years. I wrote most of my general poems during this period of my life;... Continue Reading →

A Teenage Poet

I'm sharing the story of my journey into poetry for several reasons. So I don't forget it in my old age! To leave my story as family history for them to laugh or cry over, and to encourage my daughters and anyone else who will linger to read it, that it is NEVER TOO LATE... Continue Reading →

Our Day to Dance

I wrote this poem after I stepped out from my Motorhome that winter's day to take a photo of the vast paddock of grass swaying in the wild wind. Oxley Creek Common, Rocklea, Brisbane, Queensland. Beverley Joy. Audio +++ I step outside and it’s blowing a gale I pull my warm coat tighter I can’t... Continue Reading →

Just a play on words

I Simply write a Story into Poetry Hi I'm Beverley Joy of Simply Story Poetry ABOUT SIMPLY STORY POETRY Visit my SHOP where you can browse or BUY my poems and verses

I am Content to Not be Content

“I am content being the me I am right here and now, yet I am not content to stay the me that I am right here and now, into my future.” Beverley Joy of Simply Story Poetry Photo - O'Rielly's Rainforest Retreat walk, Gold Coast Hinterland.

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