It’s Simply the Way It Is

INTRO: This is one of three poems that I wrote when I first started thinking about sharing my poetry. I wrote this poem 7 years before I started sharing my poetry. I wrote it while I was living a quite simple lifestyle, travelling around Australia in a motorhome (I lived in a motorhome for four years). I had a supply of writing paper to compose poems on, my old guitar to strum while I quietly sang my favourite songs in the cool of the evening, and my camera with which to capture unfamiliar places I had discovered, including many quiet, country, and bush camping spots alongside creeks and rivers.

Back then, I was self-conscious about my individual style of poetry. It seemed different to other poetry styles that I read. I felt the same way about my singing voice, which was soft and gentle, not powerful, and loud like so many female singers. But I was encouraged to find poets, both written and spoken word poets, and singers that wrote and sang in a similar style to my own. I soon learnt to relax and be myself and simply share my style of poetry, and those who like it will connect with me and those who don’t, won’t connect with me, and that’s ok. Beverley Joy

PODCAST – It’s Simply the Way It Is

I love to write poems

They pour out of me

I simply share the facts

No frills attached.

I love to sing

My favourite songs

With expression and love

Gentle and soft.

I have a passion

For taking photos

Life’s moments are captured

Of my memories and adventures.

I love to sit in the breeze

Watch the leaves rustle in the trees

Breath in the perfume of the season

Listen to birds sing in the early morning.

I love the simple things

That’s just the way it is

There will be those who stay with me

There will be those who turn and leave.

I am who I am

God made me this way

I’ve learnt to be content in my skin

Developing and sharing my gifts.

Beverley Joy © 2013 Simply Story Poetry. All Rights Reserved.

You can listen to all my poems on several podcast platforms here

Image by Dariusz Sankowski from Pixabay

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