A Nomad Poet

My Poetry Story Part 3

In 2009 I set off with my then-husband to live in our motorhome full time and work when necessary as we travelled around Australia. We set off on a three-month journey which ended up lasting three years.

I wrote most of my general poems during this period of my life; my poems about nature, falling in and out of love, motherhood. We enjoyed many picturesque locations camped up and relaxing in the Australian bush, beside rivers, oceans and creeks, which allowed my mind to relax enough for me to discover and sit comfortably in my ‘poetry’ space to write many full-length poems.

I remember sitting on beautiful Cable Beach Broome, Western Australia. It was September during the dry season. I had just come out of the hospital and was recuperating from an operation. I couldn’t swim or walk, so I sat on the sand, with the cool sea breeze flowing through my mind, I started writing poetry and haven’t stopped since. Recording my life and thoughts in poetry.

I was glad to settle back in my home town after 3 years of living and travelling in a house on four wheels. I also returned to my Christian faith which I had ventured away from 30 years earlier. I completed a course in Bible Story Telling which ignited my desire to write Bible-based poems, especially stories based on Women in the Bible. I am looking forward to getting away from the ‘busy-ness’ of city life to enjoy a prolonged escape into my ‘poetry’ space again. A post-Covid plan!

Beverley Joy 2021 of Simply Story Poetry

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