Leaving on a jet plane


After Grace returned from her Easter weekend in Melbourne with Alex, she decided to take the bold step forward and left home to live in Melbourne on her 18th birthday. Moving far away from the family home and all its chaos to start fresh, as a young adult, pursuing love and happiness. Beverley Joy.

Book Excerpt – The Wilted Rose Part 3 – The Wilted Rose and my poem – The River of Love

Inside the aircraft, she followed the narrow aisle along to her seat. More and more people boarded, and as Grace watched the cabin fill up, in her mind’s eye she could still see her parents’ sad faces as she had so happily and boldly waved goodbye.

The plane began to move toward the runway. Grace felt the force push her body back into the seat. A pang of guilt seized her heart, flooding into her body and weighing heavily inside her, pulling her down into her seat like gravity as they lifted off the runway. She was being a selfish teenager, she knew, but she was only trying to survive. As the plane climbed higher into the sky, Grace smiled to herself. She was destined for a new city, a new future. The rest of her life awaited her at the other end of this flight.

To be continued…

Kate Kelsen Author © All Rights Reserved

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AUDIO – The River of Love

Poem – The River of Love

I stand on the cliff face, my toes gripping the edge

I raise my hands to the heavens, and my heart is exposed.

The beat of my heart pounds like village drums

A deep rumble, an entrancing rhythm.

The wind swirls around me urging me on then pulling me back, testing my strength.

A gentle voice whispers to me as I teeter there tentatively balanced between past and future.

The sun’s warmth beats down on my heart, penetrating – burning like my lover’s words.

I hear his voice calling me to come and join him in the cool valley below.

To bathe together in the cool river of love and immerge – refreshed – invigorated.

To lay back in his arms on the soft green grass that lines the bank of the river of love.

The voice now teasing me, dancing in my head ‘While it is springtime come to me – trust me.’

‘Leave the scorching sun, the bitter winter wind. You’ll be safe in my love, I promise you.’

With one flex of my toes pushed against the cliff edge, my life moves forward falling into you.

There’s no going back, I leave my past behind, freefalling toward your river of love.

Beverley Joy of Simply Story Poetry 2010. All rights reserved.

Image by Sarah Richter from Pixabay

Big Jet Plane Angus and Julia Stone (Triple J Like a Version Acoustic)

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