Leaving on a jet plane

Teenage girl leaves the family home to follow love.

Cruisin’ Into Her New World

young woman leaving the family home to pursue her first love relationship

Budding Love

teenage boy and girl's love grows for each other

Falling in Love for the First Time

A teenage boy and girl going on their first date and falling in love for the first time


teenage boy and girl feel attraction toward each other.

Goodbye Mum, I’m Leaving

Introduction: Grace's dream of getting a full-time job and leaving home has come true. She has saved her money and she is leaving. Beverley Joy. Book Excerpt - The Wilted Rose Part 3 - The Wilted Rose Sarah had been well for some time in the lead-up to Grace’s departure, and on her daughter’s eighteenth... Continue Reading →

Wilted No More

Teenage girl leaves her family home to pursue her first love in a city far away.

Waiting for my new life to begin

Teenage daughter looking for work so she can stop living with her mentally ill mother

What did they do to you?

Sarah goes to hospital for shock treatment for her depression

How can I help you?

Sarah's husband seeks medical help for his mentally ill wife.

My mind keeps spinning never-ending

Teenage daughter coping with her mother's mental illhealth.

It’s A Mad World

A teenager coping with her mother's mental illness.

If You Go Away

Daughter finds mother unconscious on the floor in family home.

Daddy, I Love and Trust You

The love and trust a daughter has for her father.

The Harmony of Life is Out of Tune

The need for community support for families grieving the loss of a loved one.

Dear God, Give Him Back

The death of her baby son and the grief of his young sister.

Going To The Chapel of Love

Introduction: The true story continues with Sarah standing in front of the mirror in a wedding dress. Who is she marrying? What happened between George and Sarah? Did Sarah change her mind? And who is Jack? Beverley Joy Book Excerpt - The Wilted Rose Part 2 - The Rose Blossom: Sarah had seen many different... Continue Reading →

Goodbye My Love – The Wilted Rose

Introduction: The true story continues with Sarah and George feeling comfortable and familiar in their relationship. It felt like the time was right to move to the next level and get engaged. How will Sarah's parents react to George asking them for Sarah's hand in marriage? Will they accept him into their family circle? Sarah... Continue Reading →

A Perfect World – The Wilted Rose

Man and woman falling in love for the first time.

The Door of Love – The Wilted Rose

Sarah opens her heart's door to his confessed love for her.

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