Goodbye Mum, I’m Leaving


Grace’s dream of getting a full-time job and leaving home has come true. She has saved her money and she is leaving. Beverley Joy.

Book Excerpt – The Wilted Rose Part 3 – The Wilted Rose

Sarah had been well for some time in the lead-up to Grace’s departure, and on her daughter’s eighteenth birthday she joined Jack and his parents as they accompanied Grace to the airport. There, Grace could not contain her excitement. She knew that her parents were trying to act happy for her, but she could see the sadness behind their smiles. She was the first child to leave home, and she wasn’t moving somewhere else in Brisbane, but two states away. She could not wait to get away; she could see now that the crazy, emotional rollercoaster that she rode within their family home would never stop to let her off. So now she was taking herself off, swapping the rollercoaster for an airplane. Her boarding pass was her ticket to freedom.

‘Are you ready?’ said Jack.

‘I think so,’ Grace smiled.

‘Remember, if you need anything, or you want to come back, just call. Any time of the day or night.’

Grace nodded; confident she wouldn’t need to take him up on the offer. She would never go back to her crazy mother or any part of her old life. She hugged both of her parents and grandparents, smiling and waving back at them as she boarded the plane.

To be continued…

Kate Kelsen Author © All Rights Reserved

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Image by Myriams-Fotos from Pixabay

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