My mind keeps spinning never-ending


The true story continues of the teenager Grace and her family who struggled to cope with their mentally ill mother, Sarah back in the 1960s and 1970s. Grace is growing resentful of her mother for not being ‘normal’. Grace craved affection from her mother, she craved to know she was worthy of her mother’s attention. Beverley Joy

Book Excerpt – The Wilted Rose Part 3 – The Wilted Rose

It was usually three months from the onset of a psychotic episode and when Sarah returned home from the hospital. Between episodes, Sarah suffered from depression and slept most of the time. Grace longed for her mother to be well enough to answer questions about her changing teenage body, and help her with her homework. She struggled on trying to figure it all out by herself. She just managed to pass her year ten exams. Beverley Joy

To be continued…

Kate Kelsen Author © All Rights Reserved

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Poem – A Mother’s Hug

A hug from a mother to a child is easy and free to give. No words are needed. A hug says it all. But to add ‘I love you’ is like spreading delicious icing onto a cake. It only takes a few seconds to give a hug but it means so much to a child.

It is the little things in life that mean the most to a child. Life is made up of memorable moments. Take those few seconds today to hug your child and say ‘I love you.’

I understand now, as an adult, that mum was empty in herself and had little to give us. I have forgiven my mum for her neglect of me. Beverley Joy.

The little girl stood still and quiet at the bedroom door mid-morning

Looking anxiously into the darkroom toward her mother’s bed.

She could see her form, under the sheets ‘Is she asleep or just resting?’

She tippy-toed into the room and stood beside her mother’s bed.

Her mother’s eyes were shut, her breathing soft, so she turned around and walked back out

‘I’ll try again later when she’s awake, I won’t disturb mummy while she sleeps.’

The teenage girl stood at the bedroom door and said ‘Mum I’m leaving for school now’

Waiting for her mother to rise out of bed to give her a hug and say, ‘I love you, dear.’

The moment passed; silence stayed ‘Is she awake or just ignoring me?’

In disappointment, she turned and left, her mother lay there in silence.

Treasured moments with her mother, few and far between

A daughter longs and waits for her mother’s nurturing hug.

Beverley Joy of Simply Story Poetry © All rights Reserved

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