My mind keeps spinning never-ending

Teenage daughter coping with her mother's mental illhealth.

It’s A Mad World

A teenager coping with her mother's mental illness.

Happy Stepmother’s Day

INTRO: My dad remarried at 75 years of age, a few years after my mother's death, which followed a lifetime of caring for my mentally ill mum. My step-mum is such a blessing so late in my dad's life. Dad is now 90 years old and still happily married to my step-mum. It's never too... Continue Reading →

A Love Letter from Mum

INTRO: A little advice from mum doesn't go astray, especially on Mother's Day. I wrote this poem when my daughters were young adults. They had both left home and were living independently now. I was travelling through Western Australia, thousands of kilometres away from them, in Brisbane, Queensland. I missed them very much. I sent... Continue Reading →

The Scent of Sunshine

INTRO: This poem reflects my memory of time spent with my mother. Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers reading this poem. I wrote this poem, in 2019, after bringing my clothes in from drying outside in the sunshine on a hot sunny day while living in Yeppoon, Central Queensland. This poem reflects on a... Continue Reading →

A Gift to Our Family

INTRO: This poem says thank you to the family and friends who selflessly help families who are suffering from loss or hardship. The three flowers I mention in the poem, all bloom in harsh environments. I chose this photo as it reflects the pricelessness of a physical gift to adequately say thank you to these... Continue Reading →

Mum says ‘Dive in, Experience, Learn, Move on’

Dive into life and fully immerse Experience both the good and the bad Learn from the happy and sad Move on and leave behind the past. A verse from my poem 'Love Letter from Mum' Beverley Joy of Simply Story Poetry You can BUY my poems and verses at

Happy Mum’s Day

Build on the good things I taught you Be open to learning new skills and beliefs That will enhance your understanding Of the complexities of life. Beverley Joy of Simply Story Poetry Exeert from 'A Love Letter from Mum'.

Put down Your Phone

Put down your phone Give me a hug Tell me 'I Love You Mum' Beverley Joy of Simply Story Poetry Exert from my poem 'A Love Letter from Mum'. You can BUY my poems and verses at

Blogger mum

My daughter, a veteran blogger, inspired me to start my own blog. Thanks Kate.

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