Happy Stepmother’s Day

INTRO: My dad remarried at 75 years of age, a few years after my mother’s death, which followed a lifetime of caring for my mentally ill mum. My step-mum is such a blessing so late in my dad’s life. Dad is now 90 years old and still happily married to my step-mum. It’s never too late in life to thrive. God’s blessings are not bound by time.

I wrote this poem at midnight on Mother’s Day 2021. Beverley Joy.

A card is inadequate to express

The value of your life to us

The loyalty and care you possess

For dad and my family.

A gift is too inexpensive

To show the quality, so priceless

Of your faithfulness

Toward dad and my family.

I thank God every day

For gifting you to my family

A Desert Rose

A Lotus flower

A Lilley of the Valley

Beverley Joy

Beverley Joy © 2021 All Rights Reserved

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Read my verses with images from this poem: A gift to our family and A gift is too inexpensive.

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